Reasons why you might eventually ditch Pebble once servers are turned off


I absolutely love my Pebble Time Steel and Pebble 2 HR.

But am come to the conclusion 2 things that I love about it will eventually go OR currently have a bug that kinda resolves itself but is annoying.

  1. Once servers turned off, Timeline API will no longer work. So all those really cool things you can do with Tasker sending content to your Pebbles Timeline will no longer work (ie MyTimeLine Tasker plugin). That to me is one of the coolest things about the Pebble. I’ve made some many useful tools with that combo. I know Calendar & email will keep on working (probably). But yeah, creating your own content & pushing it to your Pebble’s Timeline - that is awesome.

  2. The Pebble Health Calorie bug. Am sorry, but unless you are Micheal Phelps (and even then probably not) I am not burning 5000 calories per day. This is kinda solved if you are synching too Google Fit which converts it to a more reasonable 2000 odd calories per day. Its just annoying.

Be interesting too see if people have other reasons they might eventually look at (lesser) alternatives once the servers are turned off



Hey I hear ya. Don’t do anything but the normal stuff with my PTS, but I love the darn thing. Should have bought another one last year, now they’re hard to find. Not sure where I am going to go from here. Fitbit hasn’t lived up to the promise yet. Apple Watch too $$ still.


For what it’s worth: it’s very possible we can implement Timeline sync “ourselves” (as user/developers). The default boot config can be modified, and it in turn permits changing the Timeline sync URI, so the Pebble app can be redirected to talk to community-run (or personal/private!) servers, for Timeline and several other services. We’d need to figure out some data structures, but some of that work has already been done (see the GadgetBridge team’s efforts to implement Timeline pins).

The most difficult service to replace is dictation. I can (grudgingly) live without it, but the unsolvable problem is that eventually, replacement watches with functioning batteries will get very hard to find. I hope that by the time my Pebbles are all dead, Garmin will have added voice dictation to its Vivoactive series (which seems like the best alternative now), or Fitbit or a new maker will release a model truly in the spirit of Pebble.


Nothing at all. I’ve worked diligently to keep my OG Pebble on the 2.9.1 software release and intend to keep it that way for as long as I own it. I don’t run any kind of software that relies on any kind of cloud “timeline,” so this’ll work for as long as the hardware keeps up and Android remains compatible (despite my continuing vulnerability to the big Bluetooth bug).


Rocco, just switched to Apple Watch. See my post I just made today as to why. Selling my Pebble Time if you’re interested in another one. It works great but decided to move on.


As long as I get to see accurate time on all my favorite watchfaces, I’ll be good. I am extremely picky when it comes to watchfaces and it would suck to not have them around.


I’ll be disappointed if the voice recognition texting stops working. Pandora and Misfit apps stopped working, and that was a disappointment. My company uses Virgin Pulse for fitness and Misfit synchs to that.
Alerts from the phone continue to work, and I get the time and date, and only have to charge once a week. Those are the only real requirement I have. I may get the Gear 4 though just because I’m a sucker for new tech… If the battery life is long enough.



I’m too kinda afraid a little about the whole servers go down and everything is ending eventually thing. But to be honest, there will be ways to put software on the watches and if needed, even new firmware. Maybe cloud stuff will live on in a different form and maybe the activity tracking can be improved a little. It all depends on the community.

As for the wrong calorie value. The pebble don’t track activities strickt enough to know if you run, roll or just fapping. Also it waits a long time before it sense the end of an activity - I think this kinda doubles the numbers (with the below explained mechanic).
Now, even if we don’t count these problems, the numbers you see are not really the values the watch records. It’s more like an avarage of the previous days - so the inaccurate readings aren’t showing that messy.
Btw, if you try to get the readings real-time you will see a lot of 0s and some probably cumulated values that can change over time like if it’s lagging with processing.

Personally, I couldn’t get it to count anything reasonable. Also more accurate activity trackers will need you to input the kind of activity you doing and make you start and stop tracking, so they have a much easier time doing calculations.

If someone is interested - and has the technical knowledge and the wills - in keeping Pebble alive as a homebrew community, do it! And let me know if I can help!