Replacement Battery


My Pebble Classic is just over a year old and the battery charge doesn’t last a day. Is there any place in the UK that will replace my battery?
Thanks in anticipation.


i don’t think so and considering the prices it won’t pay off.

a) buy a somhow defective pebble for £10 or less on ebay and replace the battery by yourself or
b) buy a working watch for like £25 on ebay (or a bit more on amazon) and sell your defective one.


I have successfully replaced the battery in a Pebble Time with a 3rd party one I purchased on eBay. It took some soldering and I made sure to transplant the contacts from the original battery in order to properly use the charging circuit on the new battery. I would gladly perform the same service for you, except that I’m not entirely sure if the battery is the same size in the Classic and whether it would be worth the postage all the way to the US.


MDDR; My dad’s Pebble Classic is located in Honolulu, Hi. It appears to have died. Whats the estimate to get it repaired?


Throw it away and buy a new (used) one. Seriously.


@MDDR 2 questions…
• what do you have to search for to find a 3rd party replacement? I’ve searched for 3.8V 58mAh battery but they were all way too big so I’m missing critical info I’d need 2 find a replacement!
I’ve gotten the front glass off my PTR but haven’t gone any further tearing it down bc I can see a ribbon cable under the 6 & it’s stuck pretty tight under the 12 & I can’t see what’s under it so I’m afraid I’ll tear it up going at it blindly, so:
• Can you explain how 2 go about taking it apart and how u replaced the battery?
I do have a soldering iron… never used it but hopefully I’ll be able to fig out out!
The lack of info online about Pebble Round teardown & battery is amazing to me bc it seems like any other device has 1000 YouTube videos of ppl showing how to take it apart… jus anything anyone could ever want to know they could find but not dealing with PTR!? Just my luck it seems!!