Replacement for my pebble Time2


Fitbit Versa sound a little bit like pebble Time. The price is reasonable, US$199 and AU$300.
My pebble Time started having problem on bluetooth, sleeping tracking…apps… It seems will die before June!!!
Still pre-order in Australia!


I seriously hope Fitbit chooses to create more Pebble Time Steel smart watches. This is quite simply the perfect watch.


The Versa has a range of metal bands you can buy (metal links or milenese/mesh), so it looks extremely close to the Time Steel. I’d probably have ordered one already, but the Special Edition (with Fitpay) doesn’t come in silver, and I’m not sure that Charcoal would look good with those silver metal bands.

I still wish the Versa had a microphone & SMS replies for those of us on Android, and I wish it had longer battery life & an always on screen… but this looks “good enough”. If/when my Time Steel breaks, I know I’ll be getting a Versa.


I own all of the Pebbles. However I am using an iPhone X running iOS 11.3.x. All of my Pebbles lost the connection to my phone. No matter what I have tried, I cannot get my Pebbles to connect anymore. I now own the “Special Edition“ Fitbit Versa here in the USA. The Versa seem so very much like the Pebble Time. It’s very light in weight. The screen is very bright and beautiful in text and colors. The watch faces are exactly like the Pebble faces, just not nearly as many to pick from… yet. The fit and finish is outstanding. The only physical downside is there is no speaker or microphone to make and send voice messages. I can read text messages, but can’t reply. Hopefully in the very near future the ability to reply will be activated. So while the Versa is a very promising replacement for the Pebble, the Pebble has more features.


No crap. They need to step up to Pebble time 3. At this point they are far behind the trend.


That’s good to know Versa sounds quite good. I had pre ordered one but still waiting (not sure when will Australia has the stocks). Can the Pebble band use on Versa? :stuck_out_tongue: I love my white one but the pre order only have the grey, peach, black!!!
That’s the reason I need to have another one…if next time iOS update might not support Pebble app anymore.


Late for one and half year for Time 2 but at least see the soul back! I wish fitbit can continue the direction of Pebble not something like ionic. It is smartwatch not fitness tracker.


i have been using pebble 2 for a year now and i love it , no compaints
except for some of my favourite apps got dissapeared !:confounded:
aneways i am a bodybuilder and i need it for my daily schedule and i love it
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