Replacement for Pebble Found


With the news on Fitbit and my long term concern for my Pebble Time Steel I started looking for a replacement watch.

My requirements were waterproof, capable of doing standard fitness stuff like steps and sleep and swim logging as my main fitness workout is swimming. I needed notifications, calendar etc. as well.

I really didn’t want to go down the Apple route because of poor battery life so I needed a device that didn’t need charging for more than 10 minutes a day or so.

In the end my son had asked for a Garmin fitness watch for Christmas so I decided to check out the Garmin watches.

Now the proud owner of a Gramin Fenix 3 HR and having worn it for a few days now I can say I am impressed. It’s slick and good looking with a nice clear round face and does all I want with style.


$600? That’s up there.


I didn’t say it was cheap.

If you don’t want the HR you can get them cheaper, but it tick’s the boxes for me.


You can try and compare PROS and CONS for Pebble 2 White (2 months old) and FitBit Charge HR Black (brand new, unpacked). Will be selling them both for half price soon. Will be selling them both for half price soon. Will be moving to Apple Watch after all this humbug around Pebble.


After a 2 hour experiment with Vector (sending it back, disgusted at the graphics) I’m switching modes to Gear S2.
Beautiful face, let’s see how she works.


I got started with fitness tracking a year ago with a Garmin Vivosmart. Loved the simplicity of it, and while admittedly it didn’t do much, I hadn’t been exposed to the possibilities of a smartwatch. When it died I researched and found the Pebble Time. Absolutely loved it. It met my criteria of long battery life, waterproof, provided notifications, fit my small wrists, music control and had a bonus mic and apps like note taking. I was 100% thrilled until the Fitbit announcement. Not trusting that important features would continue to work I went back to shopping for a replacement. Tried the Garmin Vivoactive. While it appeared to meet my criteria and I was already familiar with the Garmin phone app from my first activity tracker, I was happy at first. Being spoiled by the Pebble, I wanted other apps like note taking and knew the vivoactive offered them. But when I tried several apps to try to mimic Pebble functionality, I found they didn’t work well and really didn’t come close to providing the Pebble experience. Took it back and have settled on the Asus ZenWatch 2. While it is larger than I would have liked and not waterproof (I’m not a swimmer, but didn’t like having to take my watch off while showering or if I took a dip in a pool), I was willing to compromise. It gives me incredible control of my android all from my wrist. I hardly ever need to take my phone out of my pocket. I’m getting a solid 2 days of battery life. I can live with that. There isn’t much out there that does better in terms of battery.


Could you please elaborate? Judging by pics it has display similar to OG/P2, standard b&w memory LCD. So watchfaces and apps should have similar graphics. What’s wrong with Vector?


Hi Yuriy,
You have touched on the problem exactly: in my opinion I found the photos of the watch (in advertising, etc) did not accurately match the real-life experience. Maybe the Luna, with it’s round display is better than the Meridian, I don’t know. Maybe it’s the perfect watch for some people, but I need a pretty face. :slight_smile:


I loved my Pebble Steel and was looking forward to my new Pebble watch - which now will never come. I started looking for options, and there’s nothing out there. The Apple Watch is out for me because my phone is Android - and the short battery life (and price). The Samsung watches are promising, but they use their own OS and the number of Apps is limiting. I have ended up with an Asus Zenwatch 2 - on sale for $100 from Amazon. It works with the Google Apps, and the “official” battery life is two days. I like a lot about it; in real use, the battery drops to 25% in 24 hours, but it can charge to 100% in the time it takes me to have a showed and get dressed in the morning, so that is acceptable. My main concern is that even with all the watch face customization options I still can’t get it to display more than one time zone - I had four shown on my Steel, which I used. But I’m still looking at the features/Apps and hope to find what I need.


Amazfit is offering 23% off for pebble fans Maybe this will help you out :slight_smile:


Thanks Stephen. I’m also looking for a replacement for my Pebble 2. Hopefully, there’s a few months to (possibly) a year before Pebble owners feel the abandonment by Fitbit. But like you, I’m narrowing it down to the Fenix 3 HR Sapphire. I looked at the others like Vector (poor display and it’s long in the tooth), Zen Watch (wide bezel and not water resistant) and Gear 3 (poor HR accuracy). My only other hope is the impending Sony Smartwatch 4 :slight_smile: I also looked at the other’s in the Garmin range e.g. Forerunner 235 and 735 (no altimeter). So it’s really down to the Fenix 3 range unless Sony delivers a surprise.


I ended up going with a Forerunner 235 and have been pleasantly surprised. I get about 9 days per charge and the activity tracking / what they do with the data seems more robust. I miss the voice dictation from the pebble, but that was used pretty infrequently. Gifted on my Pebble Time over the holiday to a buddy whose Fitbit died on him (irony?) I really wish I had seen that PT2 come to light. Oh well.

FYI, keep an eye on eBay. I scored my 235 for about 250 on there.


I was working with Polar M200 this week and I must say, it’s amazing experience. Watches feels very robust and durable on hand, the GPS is working very well. It collects lots of informations for Polar Flow app and shows lots of statistics.

Providing HR zones for better training results (including your own custom zones), it may tell you to move if sitting too long. Instead of customizing watchfaces, you can customize sports profiles you want to track and to any sport profile you can customize data displayed on screen. It also works with favourite running applications (Runtastic, Runkeeper, Endomondo) - you can add Polar M200 as HR monitor and it will provide HR data to the app. M200 is water resistant and you can swimm with it on your wrist. Polar Flow dashboard can also prepare special plan for you to start running (5K, 10K, halfmarathon and marathon) - just fill up som input data, deadline for your marathon and it will calculate (and watches will remind and guide you about your trainings.

Notifications works good too. It has the problem of trimming text on circle display with quite large font. But you get the info, ast sportwatch is not for reading mails, messages and interacting with them. Battery life is similar to Pebble - about 6 days (including 6 hrs of GPS training), there’s also no need for special charging cable. Watches unit has incorporated USB connector, so you can put it to any standard USB hole).

Polar M200 is great choice for sportfans, fitness people and runners, bikers etc. Can be bought for 130 €, which is almost the same price of Pebble 2 and without app hangouts, connectivity problems, also includes built in GPS.


Currently have a Pebble Time.
I was really looking forward to the PT2 + Core.

Anyways …
I snagged a Garmin Forerunner 230 over the holidays.
I mostly miss the “reply to text” feature otherwise.I’m generally happy with the product.
The Garmin has on-board GPS, it can sync to my chest HR monitor (ANT+) and once I’m done my runs, the stats are seemlessly uploaded to the web (Garmin connect) where I get all kinds of info (map, pace, HR, altitude, temp …).
And I can view the stas via their smartphone app.

Garmin has a plug-in for eclipse so you can develop your own watchfaces, watchapp, widgets etc …
I ported over one of my simple pebble watch-faces to the FR230.
I had some issues going to the web for weather + stock info but, resolved those thru the forums (which are quite active).
The development environment isn’t as friendly/polished as pebble (with cloudpebble, in-depth docs) but, it’s ok.

All in all, a decent replacement.
'Til someone makes an AW, touch, OLED, GPS, smartwatch with 1-week battery, that is. :slight_smile:


@Antonio_Asaro Looks like great choice. Bit more pricy but still great.


Full disclosure: my company is building a smartwatch, but very niche (focused on gamers). We’re on Kickstarter right now (…not pretending we are a ‘replacement’ - nothing will replace Pebble ;( …but we are getting lots of Pebble users backing us…and gaming aside it is a really fast high-spec smartwatch…would love to see what people think of what we are trying to do even if it’s not 100% your ball of wax! Thanks, Feargal.