Replacement Watch straps for your Pebble, by Clockwork Synergy, LLC


"Instantly add a Little Class to your Wardrobe"

We are a replacement watch Strap company that has hundreds of replacement watch Straps that can give your Pebble the taste you want it to be!
If anyone is in need of adding some new colors to their pebble, please don't hesitate to reach out us. We are here to help! Our prices range from $8.95 and up!

Since we love our Pebble Watch so much, please enjoy our 15% discount code.
Coupon code: pebble15


I think that one of the first rules of advertising is to make sure that you provide a working URL, and not one that leads to a page that reads:

				<h1 class="page-title">Well this is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?</h1>



				<h3>It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for.</h3><p>:-)</p><p><br></p>


Hi Suzanne

When I go to the following link, it shows up for me. I’ll double check to make sure we set it up right, but it should be the following:

Also, if that does not work, the direct link is as follows:

Sorry again…

Clockwork Synergy, LLC


Thanks – I did eventually get to the right page, but the /pebble page doesn’t take me there.



It still doesn’t take you to the right page?

If you click on the picture, does that take you to the correct page? Sorry about this. Weird.

Clockwork Synergy


It does now. :slight_smile:


Pretty nice selection. I’m not big on watch strap buying but I’m guessing those are pretty good prices?



Thanks! I really like the White face Pebble. Where did you get that one at?

Cool thing about White face, is that you can add all sorts of colors to it. Like our Classic SS Navy blue / White. It would make that pop and its only $11.95 with free shipping!

Free returns if your not satisfied.

Clockwork Synergy


I may have kickstarted a few white ones!



You own 3 of them? Nice!



Hiking with your Pebble? Add a little color to it!


Ordered from you! Easy process and coupon code. Excited to get them shipped to me!


LOL shipping to Australia totally killed it for me.


TylerT - thanks for the order!

Please post a pic with your new color when you receive it!



We used to ship USPS. Although shipping was much cheaper, 50% of the time it never made it to the client. so we had to switch to a more reliable shipping Service in DHL.

We still ship USPS $5.00 to australia on request if interested.

Enjoy your day!



I dont know why my images won’t show up. I’ve tried direct link and img link. But there you go!



Looks awesome! How do you like them?

I reposted one of your pictures below!!!


Well, it feels pretty plasticy which could be good or bad. Also its pretty stiff which I believe will go away with use. Just need to get it worn in. Looks great. The only complaint I have really is where the stitching that holds the latch in place meets my wrist. The end of the stiching is burned/melted I assume to keep it from coming undone. Well, this leaves hard plastic burrs that scratch my wrist. I’ll post a picture of the area later. I was thinking about using a nail file to file down the burrs.



I actually have no idea what your talking. None of our products have any sort of burn / melted products. If for some reason you received one with that, let me know and will be happy to replace it for free for you. But all of our products our brand new and that should of come to you perfectly.

Still looks sexy though!