Replacement Watch straps for your Pebble, by Clockwork Synergy, LLC


My emails don’t seem to be getting through, either. I ordered four 22mm bands, and received three 22mm bands and one 21mm band, which of course does not fit my Pebble. This was almost two weeks ago, and I have emailed CS twice about it, and received no response.

I hope I hear back from someone soon!

EDIT: I have to say that I am really impressed. It looks like my emails were not being received (which to be fair could be a problem with my email), but as soon as they got my message, Trish from CS actually called me directly to resolve the issue. I think that’s the first time that any company I’ve ordered from online has done that, and it was very much appreciated. I’ve ordered from Clockwork Synergy four times now, and this is the first issue I’ve had. As soon as CS heard about it, they bent over backwards to fix things.

I’m very happy with their customer service, and I am definitely going to order again!



Not really sure why the communication is not getting back to us, but either way we have received the message and sent you the proper size today. You should get it in a few days.

Sorry again.



Thanks again, Jeff!


Hey @ClockworkSynergyLLC‌ , any updates on Pebble Steel band availability?


Hello All

We just wanted to give you a quick update! Although this has taken a little bit longer then expected, its only because we needed to do several extra quality checks before we launched the product. Nevertheless we are coming out with Pebble steel Replacement options in just a few short weeks! I don’t want to give away too many details, but we are really EXCITED!

Be in touch soon!

New colors in stock!!!!

Premium Divers (waterproof) Silicone in Stripped Black & Turquoise and Solid Turquoise. Remember everything is interchangeable, so you can swap the watch bands in seconds!!!

As always, 15% discount to our Pebble Clients!
coupon code: pebble15


Hey I was wondering where I could find this strap. I only looked through 22mm but I couldn’t find it through searching either.



I’m sorry, we only stock it in 20mm. I’ll see if I can bring it in with a 22mm width.



American Flag Nato WAtch Strap to fit your Kickstarter Pebble!!!!


@ClockworkSynergyLLC Love your silicon strap I got for my pebble… Any chance of making a 22mm widebody version?


AI - Which Pebble do you have?

Leather Watch Straps are now in stock!!!! Limited Quantities

  • Genuine Croco Leather
  • Sweat Resistant Lining
  • Comfortable, but Durable
  • 2 Hardware options to choose from!

Just click on the picture:)


I’d really like to see the white silicon or preferably the white leather on a matte black steel.

What’s the return policy if we don’t like the way it looks ?


So sorry, its been so long since we’ve posted on here… We were working hard on rebuilding our website and it took longer then expected.

Aphonic - full refunds if not satisfied!


Access to your site is blocked at work, however do you have options on the PTS, leaning more towards metal straps?

Mike Corsten said:
Access to your site is blocked at work, however do you have options on the PTS, leaning more towards metal straps?
Unfortunately we do not carry any metal straps, but we do offer a variety of other options- from NATO straps, 2 piece leathers and Silicones for the PTS. here's a link!


Just a Reminder, For those with the Pebble Time Round - : We have 14mm and 20mm bands that will fit perfectly!

Any of our Croco Grain Leather Watch Straps, 14mm watch straps will fit the Pebble Time Round (14mm). Here is an example of a few on our website:
14mm interchangeable watch bands (link)

Any of our 20mm watch straps will fit the Pebble Time Round (20mm). Almost every band we have on our website is available in 20mm, Here is an example of some:
20 mm interchangeable watch bands (link)


New addition to our Nato Collection - Perlon Straps!!


Interchangeable Premium Suede Leather Watch Bands look great on the Pebble Time