Replacement Watch straps for your Pebble, by Clockwork Synergy, LLC


So…got home from work and this had arrived.

Thanks @ClockworkSynergyLLC !!!


Great! Thank you for posting this. How is the band working for you?


@i2Paq Which band were you looking for?


@Jason3 love it! Great choice. Thank you for entering our contest a while back!


It is working well. I have about five of your bands and am very happy with them.


My pebble time steel in gunmetal with the synergy silicone band. I think it is a terrific match.


That looks great! Thank you for sharing!! :smiley:


NEW Dapper Leather Bands for your Pebble Smartwatch!

We have released 13 new colors in four styles: Bomber, Ostrich, Aged, and Washed! They will fit the Pebble Time Classic (22mm), Pebble Time Steel (22mm), and Pebble Time Round (20mm). They will also fit with the upcoming Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2, which have 22mm bands.

Check out the whole lineup in our online shop!


These are an amazing set of bands. I posted some impressions of a couple from the Dapper Collection. I love them.


Sorry for the late reply.

I’m looking for the Red Vintage Leather Bands for Pebble Smartwatch, Pebble Time Steel, Rose Gold Buckle.
I have never seen it on stock as I would have gotten an e-mail (I hope that works).

Been looking at your site for almost 2 months now :cry:


We are expecting them in within 2 weeks. Sorry for the delay!


Great! I’ll watch (lol) your site :joy:


When will we expect your two piece woven perlon straps? You’ve mentioned them a while ago, yet.


This aged brown leather band from Clockwork Synergy makes a great replacement for the original band on the 20mm Silver PTR. It’s slightly lighter in color, but pairs nicely. It’s more durably constructed than the pebble strap, and very comfortable. I tend to wear my watch fairly tight, but this strap breathes well and doesn’t trap sweat.


I posted a review of the new Aged and Washed bands from the Dapper collection, if anyone is interested: :slight_smile:


@wolfgangdenda We are working very hard on getting these in ASAP. We will post an announcement here and on our website when they are available. We want to make sure everything is perfect before launching. Thank you for your patience. :smiley:


Great pic! Thank you for sharing!!


@StephenReesCarter We are glad you are enjoying the new bands and it is happy news to us that they are a bit baby proof with trying to remove from your wrist! :smiley:


Does it ship to Malaysia?


After endless (1 month) watching your site without any success, today the complete product-page to that product is gone.

What a load of crap.