Screen blinks rapidly, at times, sometimes goes blank


My Pebble is model 4015. What is the trouble? Is it fixable? How?

Pebble screen blinking

Try this, sometimes it helps:

If not you’re out of luck. Only solution left is getting another one (e.g. with dead battery, not uncommon with this model) and exchanging the LCD.


Thank you for the direction. I spent some time looking at submissions on how to take the watch apart and to improve the connection, inside. Then it took me several days to find a store where I could buy the Torx Screwdriver – the only tool required. But before I had the time to work on the watch, the problem - blinking, lines through the face, blank face - stopped. So, for now, I’m leaving well enough alone. But I have the Torx Screwdriver if the problem recurs.

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Can you use the same screwdriver to take apart a Pebble Steel?