Sleep data not pushing to phone


Hi! I’m on Pebble 2hr and ios with iPhone 6 Plus. I’ve found that my watch disconnects from the pebble app when my phone kills the pebble app after it has been in the background. For example, I paired my watch and went on reddit to search for ways to fix the pairing issue and about 5m into searching my watch disconnected. This also happens while I’m sleeping. The app disconnects and I wake up and have to pair my watch again. The heart rate and steps data syncs from Watch to phone, but the sleep data only shows on the watch. I have tried resetting the watch. Is there a way to push the data from watch to phone?

Greatly appreciate any ideas!


Do you have BACKGROUND APP REFRESH turned on for Pebble in SETTINGS > GENERAL**?


Yep, it’s on. Thanks for the reply!