Some problems when I try to modify a pbl file


Hello everyone,I am a green man here.

I suffered from the error occurring the whole day when I tried to modify a font file.
followed this

I run the VM Ubuntu system on my windows 10,when I try to unpack a pbl file with the commandline,the error occurrs like this

bladeben@ubuntu:~/Pebble$ python unpack zh_cn_3.4_20150910.pbl

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 14, in
import pbpack
ImportError: No module named pbpack

What is wrong with this…whether I got the wrong SDK lacked of pbpack modules…
By the way it also lets me set the environmental variables …and I wanna know how to set the environmental variables … thanks bros!!


Sorry I don’t know. I’m fine.Thank you. And you ?


Are you insane…zgay :frowning: