Some questions about Pebble after got sold


After knowing that the Pebble got sold,I feel so sad about it.I heard about Pebble many years
ago and always keep focusing on the development of it even if I don’t got a Pebble watch.
But now I think it is time to buy a Pebble time.whatever.
I wanna know if the developer team are working on the App to make it can be used offline.or we still have other app insteaded?and many people said their watches got an error display like tearing screens is it true?
Sorry for my bad English,I am not a native speaker.Thx Pebbler.


[quote=“lizongze, post:1, topic:28322”]
I wanna know if the developer team are working on the App to make it can be used offline.[/quote]
allegedly yes.

[quote=“lizongze, post:1, topic:28322”]
or we still have other app insteaded?[/quote]

Yes, rebble and Gadgetbridge.

Only for the Pebble Classic / Pebble Steel, not for Pebble Time and newer (PT, PTS, PTR, P2)


thank you so much!!:smiley:


No. There is no development whatsoever on any applications. There is no “developer team.” FitBit bought the Intellectual Property and have no intentions of continuing to develop on the Pebble platform.


You mean they’ll not do anything for the Pebble now?But I remember that Fitbit said they will deal with that offline problem.


Here’s the Pebble Developer post after the FitBit acquisition, mentioning their work on a future firmware upgrade sometime this year to remove the dependencies on online services (and also mentioning that Pebble Health won’t be impacted or require the firmware update):


I know that now,Thank you for your answer!:grimacing:


We are making an effort for replacement app


Screen tearing is a hardware problem that some watches have developed. The biggest impact that the Pebble shutdown has on that will be that warranties are now void. If Pebble develops that problem under warranty, you’re no longer covered. Of course, a year from now, it won’t matter anymore.

Apart from that, nothing’s really going to change.


Sounds good but I don’t know where the URL you sended links to…an app like Skype or a channel of you developers?


It actually likes what you said that nothing’s really going to change.But I am looking forward to see someone can keep Pebble alive,even it is not it used to be…:joy:


Its a chat-channel for this


Hasn’t all Pebble users got this mail from Fitbit ?

The Future of wearables starts with you :

As part of the Pebble community, your loyalty, support and feedback helped create incredible watches, apps and features. At Fitbit®, we love that passion for innovation—and are working hard with the Pebble team to bring the next great wearable experience to life.
This is a big step forward.
We hope you’ll continue to be part of the journey.

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My PTR voice and canned text replies quit working. Anyone else’s?


I just want the damn thing to be connected to my phone and receiving notifications, stable… :disappointed_relieved:


En.Have you ever try factory reset or update your watch to the latest version?it seems that your hardware still working.


I think that iOS is more stabler than Android,my watch is working nice with the original system,and after I updated it to the Chinese still ok.