Sports app no longer works


The Sports app on my Pebble Time doesn’t show any games. I noticed last weekend that it did remind me of a game from my timeline, but it wouldn’t launch the game to view the score. Today I realized that it doesn’t show any games at all.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?


Yes; same thing happening with my Pebble Time. I’ve reinstalled, removed/added the Pebble app to my phone, and restarted the watch. Nothing helped. The app will open on the watch and go through it’s progress bar, but then there are zero games on all sports.

I really hope there’s a solution to this as it’s one of the coolest apps for the Pebble.


It looks like the ESPN service is no longer available. The service should have been switched to a different provider last year, but it seems that never happened. Unfortunately, this appears to be the end of the sports app :cry:

Pebble Sports Problems

Well the sports app still works on my original pebble but sport scores won’t show


The Sports app worked on March 4th on my Pebble Time. That’s the last time it loaded up any games.


I need to keep bumping this thread. Does anyone know what the story is?


JimmyInTheROC - see the response from Orviwan of Team Pebble above. This is now a dead issue. Let me know if you find another similar app that covers American sports.


Well, at some point earlier in the year my Sports app started working again. But now it has stopped once again.


Yes, I noticed it came back and stopped again as well. . .I haven’t found a good replacement. . .that can put timeline pins with scores, etc. I have found a couple team specific calendars that I have been able to sync with at least.


Orviwan, any updates this time around if you are still with us? It started working again which gave us hope and then died off a month or two ago.


This makes me sad. Are there any other sports apps?


I don’t know another one just like Sports, but if you search the app store you can find some other apps that offer scores for various pro sports leagues.


I guess for now, I’ll have to setup my IOS ESPN App to send notifications.


my is not even working at all there was a football game last night and it did not timeline at all. happy new years 2018


My sports app just started working again today!


I just installed the Sports app but the settings menu in the phone app doesn’t exist? How do I add favourites.



Working again