Suggestions for free Weather API


Thanks! I gave the Yahoo weather API a try and it seems to be working well on my test runs :grinning:


I’m not sure if you already update your WF but as you know I’m using yours and I have now switched to the Yahoo weather in your WF.
Seems to work OK.

Pebble Weather Question

btw. What about Weather Underground?


I have yet to evaluate on Weather Underground but maintaining the source code to support more providers would be a headache due to their different API responses. There are no plans to further add weather data source to the watch face unless there are willing contributors :yum:


Gregoire’s weather package is very cool. Worth a look:


Wow! Gregoire’s weather package is indeed worth a look for anyone looking to implement location based weather info on their watch face/app

I’d wish I knew about it before I started working on my watch face
To implement it now would require a rather major refactor in my current code base :fearful:


It might still be worth the effort :slight_smile:


I’ll be willing to donate if that might help :innocent:


@orviwan It would be worth the time and effort if the watchface grows to a much larger subscriber base! Any tips on how to gain more exposure or market the watchface? :grin:

@i2Paq I am doing it as a hobby and not for the $$$
I don’t mind supporting it on my off time but not full time!

Besides, the watchface is already functional as it is (I prefer not to fix what is not broken)

**I shall consider making the change but don’t expect it to be out so soon :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Appstore Featuring

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee featuring with the appstore. In order to be selected for featuring within the Pebble appstore, you should adhere to the following guidelines to improve the chances of selection:

  1. Ensure your app is high quality and bug free.
  2. Support multiple Pebble platforms.
  3. Utilize latest Pebble SDK functionality. (Unobstructed Area, AppGlances, Health etc.)
  4. Provide app configuration options.
  5. Have a complete set of assets, including banners.
  6. Promote your app in the Showcase category of the forum.
  7. Tweet @pebbledev with a link to the showcase.

[Watchface] Weathers Time

Hi. Will this be available for the black and white pebble 2? Thanks!


Completely agreed that Pebble should allow SDK to access to Weather data which has been available in the watch for a while.

I published watch faces with Weather information and most of complains from users are fetching weather, like inaccuracy, fail to fetch data, API exceeded maximum calls, etc. It’ll be quite easy for me if I can use official Pebble SDK API to get weather info, at least basic current condition and temperature, etc.


The main issue with providing a weather API is licensing of the data.


Yes, However,… the built-in weather app on the watch has the data already. I believe.what @yoosee and @Edward88 are asking for is access to that data.

It appears there is some agreement with the weather provider to allow the built in app to work. Does it matter which application on the watch presents it?


Yeah, unfortunately it does matter according to the license, otherwise it wouldn’t be an issue.


Yes,… That is unfortunate.My rhetorical question has a literal answer.

I wonder how well caching weather information would work.

It looks like a number of user are in the same city, hitting the API once and then updating all of them would reduce the hit rate…That is, If that doesn’t also violate. :frowning:

I would be happy enough crediting the source of the weather data, but I don’t know what that would look like on a watch.


In my mind, caching the data sounds like a cool idea but possibly hard to do.

I think you would need a server somewhere and then your app asks for weather from that server. The server checks if there is that city cached - if so, also checks the timestamp, otherwise it asks the weather api itself. Then the server adds that location to cache with a timestamp and then returns the value to the watch.


Yeah, I think I’d check cache server first, get weather and age of weather if available and refresh when data is 1/2 hour old. That way everyone in a city would get the data and be refreshed at approximately the same time every 1/2 hour or so.

If weather data is not available, get weather from resource, then update the cache server.

Technically it wouldn’t be much more difficult than getting weather in the first place, but I think the providers of the data would have a problem with it.


There could be licensing issue but I still hope to have that. It could suggest better customer experience where Weather app and Watch face using internal Weather API could show the same weather information. also it could reduce pebble and phone battery consumption slightly where pebble doesn’t have to run JavaScript for fetching weather data separately from Weather app. I hope Pebble will consider that.


yahoo is free and no key needed. URLS are obnoxious through.

example: decode & use:,%20item.forecast,%20location,%20astronomy%20from%20weather.forecast%20where%20woeid%20in%20(select%20woeid%20from%20geo.places%20where%20text='(39.0437,-77.4875)')&format=json