Swing by Swing Golf


Hi there.
Just wanted to report what others have already reported … just to do +1.
I have been experiencing :

  1. difficulties in shot tracking.
  2. very low success on move to score when once the green. (50%)
  3. crashes (3 out of 2 rounds)
  4. app jumping to previous hole instead of next hole (often) …
    … and yet I’m still ready to try again. But honestly, not meeting my expectations for now because of unpredictable behaviour.

What I want is Distance to the green + scorecard - and to not have anything to do with my phone.
That was he promise … and I bought the pebble because of your app !

(btw , I have an Android Samsung S3)

All the best in your debugging…


Hi is there any more news on this, is it still being worked on? Really want this to work but the app will either crash or reset back to hole 1 about 20 times a round! Had to stop using it now cause of the frustration but would love the bugs fixed


Hi Jim, sad to say that work on SBS has stopped completely. Back9Network, the company who purchased us last year, has run into hard times:


We are trying to figure out a way to get the app back and continue development. It’s a long shot, but worth the try.

Travis said:
Hi Jim, sad to say that work on SBS has stopped completely. Back9Network, the company who purchased us last year, has run into hard times:


We are trying to figure out a way to get the app back and continue development. It's a long shot, but worth the try.
Ugh! That's not the news I wanted to hear. :(


In light of this news, would you recommend exporting any saved rounds now or will we be given advanced notice before the entire back-end for this app/service disappears?


I recommend exporting your rounds, just to be sure. We’re trying to keep the lights on, but to be safe you should grab your data before the end of April.


Thanks, Travis! Sorry to hear bad news about the financials. I hope you guys are able to find a way to continue development on SBS


Sorry to hear that Travis, a loss to us all. Good luck trying to get it back up and running and keep us updated, we’re all behind you :slight_smile:


Hi Travis… I posted the comment below on your SBS website. I wish I would have seen this news a couple weeks ago before spending the money on the Pebble Steel. Anything we can do to help the cause?

Hi Travis… I love the app! I’ve been showing it to all my buddies in my league and they’re all quite impressed. I liked it so much I bought the Pebble Steel Watch after watching your video. A couple of issues I’m hoping you might be able to address. 1. I had to change my iPhone setting to not shut off the screen in order to continue getting updates on the watch. If the screen shut off it wouldn’t update the watch. Not a big deal… problem solved. 2. The bigger issue was that the watch kept losing connectivity and would “error out” causing me to reboot the app about every other hole. I’d put the phone in my back pocket to take my shot and would lose connection or get the app error. It seemed like I needed to keep going back to my phone to reconnect update things. I spent more time trying to connect and reboot than it was worth so I took the watch off and just used the phone like usual, which was OK. However, when the watch stayed connected it worked great. Any thoughts on how to retain the connection or keep the app from erroring out? - Thanks, Hodgie


Like so many others, I think this is a great app. I’m a beginning golfer and it really helps me. Kudos for how easy it is to use and how it does so much. I have a question – lately Swing by Swing has been locking up on my Android, Galaxy S5. A couple of times I’ve had to shut down/restart, which isn’t the end of the world, but I wonder if there’s a way to avoid this? Thanks in advance.


Hey guys - sorry, but not much I can do for you these days… (see post on Apr 13) I suggest to make sure you have the latest software for both phone and app. For the Pebble, sometimes it helps (for all apps, not just SBS) to re-connect the phone to the watch.


I think your continued concern even though you are no longer the owner is a tribute to your character.


I wish I would have found this app a year ago instead of finding it at its end… I used it on a course last weekend and loved it. I got home and noticed that my league course is out of date a bit and suggested the fixes on the Swing x Swing website. I guess those will never get approved. Oh well, back to FreeCaddie and manual scoring :-(.


My pebble hasn’t even arrived yet, but was certainly gonna give this app a go. I downloaded it a week ago. While I know there’s not spose to be any work on it, I did notice on google play that it says the app was last updated on 12 May. But maybe it was changes that were pushed after the work on the app was stopped?

So will people keep using this app, or is it expected that maybe the course databases may disappear in time etc? And if you think it’s safer to use something else, what apps have you tried that you liked as much?


I plan on using it when I start golfing again next week. I’ve already exported my rounds out because I haven’t played since last Fall. I’ll just make sure to export my rounds after I play each one so I don’t lose any of my scorecard data.

I haven’t considered alternative apps yet.


Ignore, i found the setting! I had a problem this week. My Pebble wouldn’t receive info from Swing by Swing. It kept giving an error saying something like make sure SBS is turned. Can’t remember the full error but I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t use the app on my watch. Any hints on how to fix this?


I attempted many of the golf apps for the Pebble, Swing by Swing, FreeCaddie, GolfPad. I also reached out to GolfshotGPS, as I had purchased their app prior to buying the Pebble. I must say at this time, after about 10 rounds of golf, the most stable and easiest app to use has been GolfPad with the $10 upgrade. Totally worth the price. Very nice features and somewhat easy to navigate.


Latest post here reminded me that I needed to export my scores again after having played and submitted a round last week. Only problem is the swingbyswing.com website now comes up with a web application error screen (it’s apparently running on AWS). Not sure if this is a transient problem or if this is the beginning of the end.

FWIW, the app itself seems to still be working fine on my phone. I can see my past few rounds when I pull up the app.

At this point, if this is the end, I’ll only have lost one round of play. But, still, I rather liked this app. Not looking forward to having to hunt down another.


i’m having problems when I launch SBS, it says that i have to turn on background app refresh. But when I check in the settings, the SBS app is not in the list. Anybody have any ideas how to fix it? I already tried deleting the app and reinstalling.


Hi there I received an email from swing by swing saying I’d been selected to receive the warrior tomahawk edge hybrid club “on the house” and I was wondering if it was a legitimate email or it was a scam email

Michael hay