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Hi Travis,

I’ve tried out the app on my phone and it’s great! I’m keen to get a Pebble watch and use it with the app - I noticed with the video you did showing the functionality that it looked like you had the Pebble Classicwatch. Is the app compatible with all the various models? (I’m particularly interested in using it with the Pebble Time).




I’ve been using the swing by swing app with my pebble watch. I have the original pebble watch. I’m on the newest software.

I’ve been having some problems lately. The app doesn’t seem to communicate with the app in my phone. It will say wake, I press the center button, and it just hangs waiting.

Any ideas what the problem could be? I factory reset the watch, deleted the app from the pebble iPhone app, them reconnected everything and downloaded the swing by swing pebble app again. It started working, but then had the same problem after maybe 4 holes. I updated to the new software on my pebble within the last few weeks and that’s when the problem started. I’m not sure if it is related. Any ideas?



I’m working on a review of the Pebble integration for iOS. Trouble is that it tested out with the updated iOS app + updated Pebble app on the one Pebble watch I have to test with. Going to try to find the issue you are having and if I can, we will get a fix out for it. There is one other bug I know of which messed up scoring for more than one person off the Pebble watch.

iOS updates are rough for us, so I need to make sure I get in all the little tweaks needed before I can submit it - hopefully that will be soon.


Thanks. I appreciate the fast response. I’m not sure yet but I think my issue may have been fixed by uninstalling the swing by swing app and reinstalling it. Also, it could’ve been caused by me removing location permission from the pebble app. I did this because the pebble app seems to always be requesting location.


I did another round of poking and prodding the Pebble integration for our Android app and found some issues. Version 4.5.17 is targeted at making the Pebble integration work like it should. Interested in hearing your experience with it.


I got the Pebble steel from a friend and went to try swing by swing and was told that the app is not compatible with my pebble smartwatch. What gives?


Seems the app is being pretty much abandoned in favor of support for Apple Watch.

Apple Watch monopoly and dominance is beginning.


Today (actually starting on Friday) we split the Pebble Classic build into a separate registered app with Pebble. I can’t prove it, but it seems most of our problems supporting the older model Pebbles has come from building with the latest SDK. Look for Swing by Swing (for use with Pebble Classic) to install for your Pebble Steel.


Hi, not sure when that fix is supposed to take place but this is the screen that keeps popping up for me



Just acquired a pebble time and downloaded SBS, the app looks good and works well, it communicated with my watch ok but it did get the yardage wrong occasionally (checked with fairway markers). The only issue I had was the drain on my phone battery (iPhone 5s). The usual app for golf I used SkyDroid hardly touch the battery.
May or may not be SBS so will try again.



I have used the iPhone app extensively but really liked the idea of of being able to use a watch to enter the score rather the always being on the phone.

I bought a pebble steel, solely for this reason but I’m finding the integration a real issue. The main problem is that I repeatedly get the message ‘send failed, pebble enabled in sbs settings are you on the round screen?’

I start a new round on the phone, it gives the correct yardage on hole 1 then I pockt the phone and the yardage is on the watch ok. After a few secs it says wake, I press it and I get the same message on the watch. I then have to get out my phone, wake it up and display the app on the screen and it then communicates with the watch again. It seems that when the phone screen goes to sleep it loses connection with the watch. Am I alone in this? Surely not practical so I assume there is something wrong here.

Have background refresh switched on for sbs app and pebble app, I’m not on battery saving mode. I have a 6s, latest ios. The pebble iPhone app, sbs app are all latest and I have removed the sbs pebble app from my watch and reinstalled.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! It’s a great app, I have just renewed my looper, keep up the good work


Hey Tom,

I’ll see if I can help - there is certainly an iOS setting / privilege which is preventing SbS from communicating when in sleep. I’m going to make a first guess at Location Services for SbS not being set to always. You can get to that settings through Settings -> SwingxSwing -> Location. If that isn’t it, we’ll move on to the next possibility.

Terrence Giggy
Swing by Swing


Hi Terrence,

Thanks for the quick response. I can confirm that the location services are set to always so it’s not that.



Ok. Lets rule out something going on with the phone during locked device:

Pull up your last couple of rounds and look at the round track (blue line showing your path around the course) in the round replay. Do you see any long straight blue lines which would signify a long distance in-between locations recorded? That would help us narrow down where the issue is.

Terrence Giggy
Swing by Swing


Well, there are some long straight lines but I’m thinking that might be because I am walking in a straight line. A couple of holes didn’t have any tracking line until half way down the fairway, and also found one recent round where I used the app throughout, without the watch but there are no blue lines at all.


Hi Terrence,

If i change the power usage to high (it was on medium high) it seems to work fine now and doesn’t lose connection.

Only other bug I found is that if I use the watch to select next hole, it jumps 2 holes. Previous hole work ok, goes back 1 hole as expected.



I know this an old post, but if you’re suffering like I was, see the light and download Game Golf. It’s superior in every possible way to Swing by Swing.


Good afternoon. Do you have a list of compatible smart watches seeing x swing works on? I have a Samsung s3 but it doesn’t work on that watch.