Switched to Apple Watch & Love It


Well fellow Pebblers I’ve bitten the bullet and moved on to the Apple Watch. The reasons are:

  1. The Pebble technology will eventually be disconnected and is no longer supported and
  2. Not at all thrilled with the new Fitbit Ionic’s lack of certain functionality and ridiculous price of $299.
    Now let me share with you why I’m so thrilled with the Apple watch. I picked up a used Apple Watch Series 2 for a bargain since the new one came out. As I write this I am on my “3rd” day of battery life with the Apple Watch (Yes, 3rd day and I still have 45% left). The connectivity with my Iphone is amazing and I have all the functionalities of the Pebble Time with so much better (Emails, Messages, Phone calls, etc…). The Apple watch also has SIRI so I can set timers, reminders, etc… with it. The Apple Watch has a great microphone and speaker which works much better than the Pebble. It is also waterproof like the Pebble. I don’t play music and stuff like that which might be the reason for the longer battery life. Apple does not have the plethora of Watch Faces like Pebble but if you’re looking for something to get your emails, Messages, Phone calls, etc… I would strongly recommend it. I’m sorry to say goodbye to my Pebble Time but its time to move on to new technology and keep up with the times. If you have any questions, hit me up.
    Thanks, Mark


Will love to hear your report after a couple months :slight_smile:
Good luck to you my man!


Enjoy charging it every night. I have a several friends that have the version 2 and has to charge it every other day.


So, they get 2 days and I’ve been getting almost 3 days. Not too bad for new technology that won’t stop working like the Pebble and has continued support.


Pebble won’t stop working… who told you that?


Come on, how many more articles do you need to see and read about the servers shutting down and the loss of dictation, timeline, numerous apps, etc… If you still want a watch with multiple faces, text, email and phone notification then stay with the Pebble. I was and am still a fan of Pebble but decided to move on with modern technology. That’s all I’m saying.


If Apple Watch ever has the equivalent to Canvas or Glance watchface that can be designed by the user and that can get data from Workflow or a similar source, I might consider getting one. Of course, that would mean switching to an iPhone and thereby giving up Tasker, the single most powerful/useful Android app. An app that Apple will never permit. :frowning_face:


I have a friend at work that his same Series 1 Apple Watch has gone from nightly to 3 day life just with software updates between Watch OS 1 to 3. Still doesn’t stay on all the time though. I personally don’t think that it’s the right watch for me, but seems like they work better than it used to.

I’d actually like one of the new Garmin watches…but I’m not quite ready to plunk down $600 for one of them.


If they made an Apple Watch that was compatible with Android, I’d be on-board. I absolutely love my Pebble Time Steel and am OK with the Pebble 2, but I’ve bought too many pieces of technology in my lifetime that dead-ended. Seems to me Apple could walk away with the watch market tomorrow if they opened it up to Android. But there’s no way I’m trading my Android for an Apple phone.


Server shutting down doesn’t mean it will stop working, since all is managed locally.
You simply won’t be able to download new watchfaces, that’s all.

And the more modern technology is eInk display, always on with high contrast ratio, not the same old LCD screen that’s always shut down or impossible to read. You are not able to read the time in the most concitate moments, when you need it.


Since I now have to charge my Pebble 2 every other day I’ll probably switch to Apple too since I already have an iPhone !


OK - how about trying to actually READ your Apple watch in the sun!! On the pebble, the more sun the better!!


Who told you Pebble will stop working it go as long as the battery lasts and even without the server only a couple of functions will be lost plus I get 10 days charge out of my PTS and Apple won’t go near that.



I have my Apple Watch 0 for 2 years now (after 3 years with Kickstarter Pebble Original).
Battery still hold ~3 days and the functionality is still flawless.


I haven’t made the jump to the Apple Watch yet but I’m with you. Even the Pebble DEVs abandoned the watch and by selling it off to FitBit they effectively gave it a slow but eventual death sentence. I didn’t read your post as negative toward Pebble but as a bittersweet goodbye. I don’t understand why people can’t either reply with a “Good Luck” or not reply at all. The angry undertones in some of the replies are completely unnecessary. Good luck with your ‘new’ watch and I hope you continue to enjoy it!


Thank you very much.


Hi Mark G,

I am sincerely happy for you, it is so great you are contented, and nice of you to share how you feel.
Any chance you can sell your old Pebble to me? I’m looking for a charger because my son lost his.

look forward to reply,


Hi Mark,
I have the same sentiment as you.
I’m using Pebble Time for more than 2 years, and decide to switch to apple watch series 3, which I bought 2 weeks ago.
So far, pretty happy with my apple watch.


  1. For the battery, I treated same as my pebble, I charged them while I’m bathing. so the battery always stays at 80-100%.
  2. Although it’s not always-on screen, but good enough for me, as very responsive when I flick my arm I can see the time.
  3. Also still readable under bright sunlight.
  4. I like the built-in GPS, so I can run without my iPhone with me.
  5. The alarm is good as I can name the label.
  6. I love to use apple pay using my watch, don’t need to take out my wallet/iPhone anymore.
  7. Heart-rate monitor seems quite accurate.
  8. I love the shazam too.


  1. When I sleep I need to turn on don’t disturb more, seems still haven’t figure out the auto setting.
  2. Still unable to alert me in case I’m away from my iPhone.


Ive been eyeing the Apple Watch Serues 2 too, but I love the watch faces too much to give them up. :slight_smile: I’d like the option to make some watchfaces & apps myself without having to buy a MacBook.


Me, I’ve been at war with i-anything, Mac, and Apple since the mid eighties, when I paid $3000 for an Apple III computer. I will never buy another Apple product again. Good luck, however.