The best Pebble alternative by miles! and cheap too!


here you go and screen protectors

£100 less than I paid for my Pebble Time and it has barometer and GPS


I was looking at this earlier. It’s a nice looking watch but you can’t respond to messages so it’s kinda like why bother.


?? No messages received


Lol I meant you can’t respond to messages on the Bip.


oh! hehe

for £45 does it matter? If you want to reply, buy an Apple watch. I have one. Replied about once to a message in 3 years.

The BIP is perfect. 1min HR takings, notifications, sleep. Better and cheaper than anything Pebble ever made!

As soon as I saw the stupid Pebble add on that could stream music, I knew they were doomed!


You have a very valid point. Depending on the message you would have to pull your phone out anyway. They definitely give you alot for $80 bucks. Idk I’m just stuck on Pebble.


That is a big one for me… Reply to a text via voice to avoid touching my phone when I am driving.


I think I wrote up my thoughts between this and the PTS. I’m using the Bip now and whilst not quite as good as the PTS, I’m not risking a 3rd after 2 failures.