Thinking of buying a pebble watch


I’m still trying to understand the impact(s) of Pebble’s demise. I have a classic pebble which is working fine (after a brief bout of the “rainy Tardus” display). I am using an iPhone 5c (also old) and iOS 10.2. Once Pebble servers go dark, the Pebble App store will probably do so as well. My question is how do I archive/backup the watchfaces and/or watch apps. The companion appd on my iPhone and Android tablet are backed up as normal, but what can be done regarding the Pebble apps.


If you connect on the pebble app in developper mode, you can download all apps or watchfaces you want, a download link will appear at the bottom of each page.


Thanks for the quick reply, but I’m a real Pebble novice. I went to settings and selected “Developer”, then I enabled “Developer Mode” and “Enable Developer Connections.” but I can’t seem to connect. The section Pebble Tool Connection shows “Status = Listening”, a Port Number and “Not Connected”

CloudPebble Connection is “Waiting”.


Just add ?dev_settings=true at the end of a pebble app/watchface webpage and tadaaaaa ! :wink:


Great. With your help I finally got it working. Now, one final question. How do I “sideload” the apps and watch faces. They are currently on my PC. I thought that they would also reside on my iPhone in a “Pebble” directory but that apparently isn’t the case. I had hoped to simply copy them over to the iPhone to replace missing or corrupted Pebble apps but that doesn’t seem to be the case. What am I doing wrong?


Sorry I’m not an Iphone user :frowning:

On Android, you have to save pwb on your phone and when you click on it, it will install the app or watchface automatically.


[Thanks. Tried that on my Kindle but it didn’t work exactly that way. If you download the Pebble App, even if not connected to wifi, the .pwb will load to the Pebble if it connected via BT.

Folk like you make the Forums work. :slight_smile:


FWIW, I’ve just bought a second PTS. The first is working absolutely fine with iOS but I want to have a backup for the moment the first stops functioning. I don’t see any problem with buying into Pebble at this point as long as you do so with your eyes open and understanding and accepting any risk (which I believe is minimal) that it’s all going to collapse on Jan 1, 2018!


What do you mean collapse on Jan 1 2018?


Hope I’m not to late. I don’t find the place on the app where I can “add?dev_settings=true”. Please more details :slight_smile:


Go to this web page:

Select Watchfaces or Apps.

Go to the watch face (or app) you want to save. Scroll to bottom and you will see “Download PBW”.

Download and save the file.

If you’ve done this on your PC, send the file to yourself by email as an attachment. When you open the attachment, on an iPhone you will be given the choice of “copy to Pebble.” Select that. Then you will get the choice Install “attachment”. Select OK and you’re done.

If you’ve done this on your phone, you will be presented with the file and options for opening it. Select copy to pebble and proceed.

Good luck and have fun/.


Denis_Marks: It was the original date for Pebble server shutdown, which was then announced as being June. As I said, the risk was minimal.


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