This might be what a lot of us want


Just days ago I emailed Fitbit and posted in their community that I think I’m one of many people who want a simple, attractive, lower-cost, Pebble-like smartwatch. I guess I can’t take credit for this, though. Surely they didn’t develop this in just a couple days because I asked, right?


I like the look of this new Fitbit. Let’s hope it not the usual Fitbit expensive price.


Now lets all email asking for a discount to the pebble owners when our Pebble service gets discontinued in June. I’ve already emailed Would encourage you to do the same and extend to your pebble friends.

Frankly, I’m debating between Versa and Apple or another Garmin watch, and even 25% could turn the tide. I used to be an avid fitbit user, so I know some of their tracking software is decent.


Well, I’ve emailed, tweeted and posted on Facebook to Fitbit support and all the replies are the same. No discount at all on the new Versa for Pebble owners.


okay i think pebble is taking it too far what actually needed is smarwatch which is cost effective and also with all the update features and nothing else:roll_eyes: pebble is trying their best lets see what they will come up with
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but i gotta say the new images of pebble watches are stunning with those new colours they did redesigned everything and it does kinda look attractive
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pebble watches are :relaxed:also avialable in top 10 best 200 dollar budget watches


Without the pebble timeline, easy to program 3rd party apps, and battery life. I’m just not sold.


What we need is just the Pebble. Still one of the best. I just stocked up on 2 for the future. Are you telling me Pebble is going to stop working in June? NO!

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To bad there’s no always-on ePaper display.

99% of the time it will just be a black screen.


Fitbit garbage no always on display and poor battery just for starters wouldn’t touch it.