Timeline on Pebble 2HR


There is the question for owner of pebble 2 watches. On my pebble classic inside of timeline is possible with down-button to see my appointmens in the future and with up button the old one. This thing with appointmenst from the past is for me very useble and I hope not miss it in my next pebble. One time I buyed pebble time with, I belive firmware 4 and on them was the up button only for sport tracking responsible and old appointmens inside of timeline was not to see. That was the reason, why I changed to pebble classic with firmware 3.12. What is about pebble 2 hr?
Thank you in advance


I found the answer by myself on google :slight_smile:
It is possible to set the twice action for the buttons. So you can for example call the old appointments in the timeline by long press of up button.


I think it comes back if you disable Pebble health.