To Buy a Pebble Time


I’m interested in buying a used Pebble Time Steel.

What do you think?



yes! i think that was a great idea. Actually i am also planning to buy some ! Have a great day!


Thanks for your answer! But, what model is the better option: pebble time Steel, pebble round or pebble 2? By design, I would choose Time Steel or Time Round.



For design, I suggest you the Time Steel.
I bought the original, the Steel, Time Steel and I backed the Time Steel 2.

The latter never came out, but the Time 2 did which I bought later.
The Time Steel may have colors, but Pebble 2 looks better, much better contrast.
I had to abandon the steel frame, sadly, but I won’t trade colors again.


I like the Time Steel, but, I have to say: I’m afraid to buy and not work anymore after June.

Is it better to wait?



Hey, I have both a pebble time steel and time round for sale. I bought some when a retailer was liquidating. Open box, perfect condition. Let me know if interested!


I’ve had two PTS, the battery on the first started failing after 6 months (battery life to dropped to 4 days between charges) and the 2nd had a more serious failure just after a year, charge only lasted 4 hours. Based on my personal experience, 2nd hand is a little risky due to uncertainty over battery life.


I have had several. The time steel and OG Pebble steel great options. Voice is going to stop working anyway.