Uk transport app no longer works


The app does not load details of local buses tubes or trains. Is this just another app that has stopped working or can the feed/API from the Transport fot London (TFL) website be fixed?


The app seems to be abandoned by the developer.
And the servers turned off.


That is such a shame. This was a highly rated app, look for all the reviews online. Is there anyway of gettinh it runninh again or do I have to accept its demise.


Have you tried to contact the author?

Can you program?

I took over Tramfinder with the author’s permission after he moved out of Melbourne and it was no longer relevant to him, but you will need to contact the author and then some admin person to transfer it.


I have the same problem - so gutting!
I used UK Transport extensively for buses, it was easier than getting my phone out as I had it in the up button shortcut. I had just found out how to make bus stops “favorite” so I could check the next bus while I was sitting at home or in the pub.

That was really of the killer app for me, that and to control my music and of course notifications.

My Pebble has also developed a feature where the battery will be on charge all night then the next day the screen is blank and the battery is dead so I don’t think it will last much longer.

I am thinking of jacking in the whole smart watch thing until someone makes an attractive e-ink watch… Such a shame about Vector, I would have snapped their hand off now.


I have Emailed the developer but no reply.
Wish I could programme otherwise I might have had ago.


I also tried to contact the developer with no success and am not a programmer so cannot take on the maintenance of the app. Such a pity.


According to, the author is now in California working for Fitbit, so he may have lost interest in travelling around the UK.

The source code is on Github, but I can’t get it to run correctly.


I’ve got at running now, but it makes calls to a machine called, which no longer exists. :frowning:


My guess that was his server wish I could help more.