Unable to reply to WhatsApp messages PTS



Normally I can reply to WhatsApp messages either by voice or emoji. But I just noticed today those options are gone.

Has anyone else lost the ability to reply to WhatsApp messages?


The same for my pebble, stop reply without reasons, no update or reset


Same here.


Same here also.


Same here… wtf ???


Me too. It seems to be a WhatsApp issue. Check this post:https://www.google.com/amp/s/forum.xda-developers.com/gear-s3/help/longer-reply-whatsapp-messages-t3757536/amp/#ampshare=https://forum.xda-developers.com/gear-s3/help/longer-reply-whatsapp-messages-t3757536/page1


Same here. I did update my Samsung S8 tot Android 8.1.

Don’t know if that’s a coincidence of more people updated their phones?


Same here… Any solution? For me is the reason because use pebble…


Hi everyone,

With the new WhatsApp versions, starting from 2.18.80, the functionality is back on.
You can apply for beta in Android from that link: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.whatsapp

And then update your WhatsApp from Google Play, and the replies will be back :slight_smile:


Hey man thanks a Lot. Work again.


How does the WhatsApp work? Does it sync with your phone number or something? Or can you only text others that have the app?


I have also a problem similar problem instead of unable to reply to whatsapp messages to unable to reply whatsapp status. Please help me out of this problem.


Italy: same problem!