[Watch app] Morpheuz Sleep Monitor with Smart Alarm & Healthkit



why not store or display more than 8 hrs. for those who sleep more?? I mean, if nothing else for buffer room so I don’t have to wake up before 8hrs

PatrickMcWilliams said:
why not store or display more than 8 hrs. for those who sleep more?? I mean, if nothing else for buffer room so I don't have to wake up before 8hrs

8 hours is a little short. I’m using the HTML5 storage that the Pebble Javascript sandbox provides and I’m unclear how much storage space I actually have. Most browsers limit it to something pathetic (like 5mb) although that said I don’t store much data.

I shall have a look and find out what I can get away with.


Can you post a precompiled PBW for us to install?


Hi should be able to download from here: http://www.mypebblefaces.com/apps/9400/7424/


Looks nice! I too would like a way to record for more than 8 hours, and more importantly, export the raw data for my own analysis over longer periods of time. (Eg, like Sleep Cycle on the iPhone works, where you record daily events and then can correlate them with sleep quality over time. I don’t need the pebble app to do any of that though, just allow me to export the raw data.)


@NB1 - this is the beginning. I shall add more to it over time. Data exports sound like a great idea thanks.


So I tried it last night, woke up saw the graph, it was pretty cool, except the fact that I have no idea what I’m looking at… I mean, I know that the graph shows amount of movement over time, but I don’t know what a normal/good night’s sleep looks like in this form, nor do I know (or even if it’s possible to tell) the different stages of sleep. Basically I have no way of analyzing the data into real-world applications. any help??


To be truthful, I don’t know. I expect that most people would get large patches of peace with moments of restlessness. Certainly my recent sleep pattern looks like a roller coaster.

So flatter better, too flat indicates possible death.


yeahh, mine was like mountain ranges, umm one suggestion, could you show each plotted point on the graph in like circles or something, to know if like on the increase in movement there is a point going up, or if it’s just a major jump from minimal movement, to a lot… and for better understanding of the frequency of the points that are being plotted?


Sure. Points are every 15 minutes. I shall have a look at graph options. I am still waiting for a good nights sleep so I can see what one looks like.


oh one more thing, could you label your individual lines on the graph? (like time-stamp the vertical lines, and give some unit and number for the horizontal ones) again for easier readability, and better/easier data collection.

So one could say like between 7:45am and 8:00am there was X units of movement


I would like to be a bit more precise about timings. Activity is more challenging as the units are (certainly after summerisation) a little arbitrary.


Oh. It’s great news!

It’s a first step to Smart Alarm, i guess.
If you can implement this feature, it will be the bomb!
Many people buy jawbone for the sake of this function.
Smart Alarm for iPhone in the Top of app store, it’s very hot trend!
I am ready to buy a similar application for Pebble.
I think people will support me.
Sleep statistics are good, but Smart Alarm is Great!


I would have had enough, when your app begins to track the sleep activity e.g. 30 minutes before the set alarm to Wake me up in the active phase of sleep or at preset time when the active phase has not occurred.

I’m so excited!


@Evgich Now that is a great idea. I need to have a look at what these apps do, but I’d have thought it would be possible. I’m quite excited about this as a concept.


This is some information about cycles of sleep.


@evgich Thanks.


Has anyone tried this on android? I develop on iOS with the understanding that things that are documented to be cross platform actually are…

Please let me know.


Yes I am. Actually it is impossible to open the Graph… But I did’nt dig very deep… Just intalled and tryed.

I am ok for testing if you need :slight_smile: