[Watch app] Morpheuz Sleep Monitor with Smart Alarm & Healthkit


The PBW in


has now been brewed with the latest SDK.


@“James Fowler” Is there some way to figure out why the automatic email I had set up to export my sleep data would suddenly stop working? I tried manually sending the email a couple times to get it to restart but that didn’t work. The Auto is still selected & I’ve checked the email address, which is correct, & as I said it had worked for quite a while but suddenly stopped at some point.


I have a strange problem with the latest version of program.
But i don’t know when it started.
i’ve used this program for more 1 year and everything was ok.
Morpheuz starts to wake up me on the latest time of possible.
For example, if I set the earliest time to 7:40, and the latest to 08:30
it starts waking me up only at 08:30
when I open the settings page I see only blank graphics.
I think it doesn’t track my sleep and I don’t know why.
I checked the motion sensor in my watch and it works perfectly.
I have:
Pebble steel with firmware v3.10.1
Morpheuz v4.2

I’d deleted the program and installed again, but the problem is still present

I’ve solved the problem.
I switched off the watch and then switched them on.
All ok now )


Morpheuz 4.3 Beta now has on the watch charts for colour Pebbles.




Can’t wait for this to go live!


This beta is for all Morpheuz users - it adds sleep depth, sun and moon bars to the chart display (so you can see if this affects your sleep).



@JamesFowler I have developer mode turned on but when I click your link it only opens a Dropbox file. Do I need to past this into cloud pebble then install it? I’m on iOS


Opening the .pbw file will do this - on iOS it says something like “open in app…” then “open in Pebble”.


Morpheuz 4.6 Beta Test -

This beta is for all Morpheuz users - improved contrast on main chart and sleep times in the key of the sleep quality chart. It clears a number of bugs and reports Pebble OS accelerometer issues in a more useful way. The share contains Morpheuz46-12.pbw and README.txt

Particularly interested to know if this works fine for Android users.



Hello James,

just installed the beta above. I had 4.6. before from app store. I wonder if that was the same?
Thanks for making this app! I think its way better than stock app, with some (unavoidable?) restrictions.

Here are some thoughts and questions I have:

  • why cant I set different alarms for different days or at least one for weekends and one for working days, so that I dont have to switch (and have a wrong alarm if I forget?) That works with the pebble stock alarm too.
  • I like how sleep phases are displayed in the “mi fit” app. There you can select different sleep phases and see the exact time (for example when you were awake). phases are easier to be distinguished too. I dont see why it has to bee all blue.
  • Is there no way to avoid having to start the morpheuz app / sleep recording manually (or half automatic at always the same time)?

As this is my first post here, sorry if Im in the wrong place for these sorts of questions. (got my time round this week replacing a mi band)



4.6 is the current live - sorry if you hit the beta just as I hit publish.

  • Morpheuz (on Time only sadly) has presets that can be used for different days. I’m planning to add an intelligence feature in to remember what you did last week.
  • The sleep phases on the mi fit are quite nice, colour and height. I take it you’re not entirely a fan of the midnight blue styling?
  • Auto bed time (on the menu) will start Morpheuz at the same time the next night. It follows bed-time of the previous night. It also gives a 30 minute reminder.


Hi James, I’m not able to get my data to export to Apple Health Kit. I have Morpheuz 4.6, Smartwatch Pro 1.7.1, and iOS 10.1.1. Whenever I click on the Export button it just exits out of the screen and nothing shows up in Health Kit. Any ideas? Thanks!


Hi. Anyone alive here?
Pebble 2SE user here. Could somebody confirm if Timeline pins supposed to work on Pebble2 or not? I’m really confused here: if I delete Morpheuz and start fresh I can get one bedtime pin on the first day of installation and exactly one sleep summary pin. Then nothing. It doesn’t matter if I stop the sleep cycle either by desmissing an alarm or by Stop&quit.

Is Lifx integration working for anybody?
I remember testing it initially some time ago but now nothing.