[WatchApp] oInterval


You are starting to run ? Got confused with the intervals and following them just with a stopwatch ?

You’ll love to use this app : just program the intervals (the preconfigured ones are my personnal trainning plan, but you can set up a custom one and save it for a future use) and start running. Your watch will vibrates when you have to change between walking and running.

Here is the link for this app : https://apps.getpebble.com/applications/56350847ffc9017113000095

I would love to hear feedback and new features requests.


Oh, and I forgot to say : usable on Pebble Time round, the layout adapts itself to the round display.


I think it is a fantastic app that should be better known, I use it 3 time a week and I prefer it at any other running apps.
On the minor side:
- Two long vibrations would be better for not missing an interval while running
- I just wish the circles were bigger, I have difficulties to see them while running.
- The blue central icon is not necessary, that would leave space for a bigger text

But in this version I am already very happy with it :slight_smile:


I modified your great code to show you what I meant. It is just a proposition of course.

The text layer is removed because of non-transparency feature.
The custom interval is showed first on the list
The walking interval is now before the running interval (for warming up purpose)
The inner and outer arcs are inversed
A custom vibration is setted (a series of short vibrations and a long one)


As I don’t use a pebble anymore, feel free to modify my code to suits your needs :slight_smile:

You can publish it as well if you want, I don’t have any interest anymore in smartwatches.


Thanks for your answer. We loose a good programmer here.


Share app?


It is in the app store, under the name “Running assistant” :