[Watchapp] Pebble Kombat



Hi all Pebblers!

Pebble Kombat - simple tactical mini fighting with simple rules.

Now it’s version 1.2:

  • 9 Heroes (1 unplayable);
  • 3 game modes;
  • displaying additional attacks.

Game is divided into two phases when you choose what part you want to attack or block. Every character has separate value of HP for every of three parts: head, body, feet. You lose if HP for one of the parts is below zero.

Heroes (all abilities is passive and is activating every step):

  • Archer. “Barrage Shot”. Shoot by one, two, three arrows every step. Unplayable.
  • Assasin. “Snake Stroke”. Have an additional random shot. Unblockable.
  • Berserk. “Punchy”. Ignore block with 50% damage.
  • Warrior. “Counter Strike”. When block have a random attack.
  • HeadHunter. “Devil Blood”. Always go first and ignore damage from enemy skills.
  • Monk. “Healing”. Heal random part every step.
  • Necromancer. “Mirror Curse”. If attack is blocked all damage comes back to enemy.
  • Guardian. “Big shield”. Ignore 50% damage for nearby parts
  • SwordsMan. “Dissector”. Give additional damage to other parts.


  • Tournament. Every battle you have full value of HP.
  • Survive. +20HP only for the next battle…
  • Madcap. Indicators of HP are shuffled every step.

Support me by PayPal (menshikov.89@yandex.ru)



This looks very cool, I added it into the Fresh Picks category on the AppStore!


It’s nice news for me! Thank you! Now I try to change graphics for Aplite users.


Dont’ forget Diorite :slight_smile:


Hey, Pebblers!
Today I finished “Pebble Kombat” for Diorite platform! =)
It’s sad to hear about the fate of the Pebble and this is my way to support the best smart watches!

And for the final thanks I want to develop last version of Pebble Kombat with 1 additional character and 1 game mode. But…
When I try to launch game on Aplite platform I have black window (image does not load) and error in console:

[17:46:36] gbitmap_png.c:107> PNG memory allocation failed
[17:46:36] gbitmap_png.c:157> Failed to load PNG

Image source

Info window works good but characters choice’s window will crash app

[17:46:37] ault_handling.c:79> App fault! {70b18b69-2bb8-4bc9-86bd-66f4259dc58d} PC: 0x8026586 LR: 0x8045b3b
Program Counter (PC) : 0x8026586 ???
Link Register (LR) : 0x8045b3b ???

Can someone help me?


Hi there!

Did you ever solve this?

I am facing the same issue on Aplite…


Sorry, I didn’t decide this problem. And I have bug on early SDK (3.8.2)

pebble_screenshot_2017-10-06_11-50-44 pebble_screenshot_2017-10-06_11-51-08