[Watchapp] Pemostat — Control your Netatmo® Thermostat from your Pebble®!


Hello Gabesz, thank you for your work.
I’ve tried to login but when I log with my netatmo user/password I see the error:
“the state does not match. You may be a victim of CSRF” could you help me please?


Hi, I apologize for the inconvenience, it should work now.


thanks a lot! I will wait :wink:


I meant I fixed it. Try to log in now.


It works! Thanks a lot Gabesz!


yeah now works! thank you!



I get the login page and can login, but when I click ‘yes’ I got this error:

The state does not match. You may be a victim of CSRF.

Thanks for all.


Hi, I love this application. Possibly the one that is most useful to me. But since the netatmo app was updated to v3 it does not work correctly.

Pemostat displays the temperature correctly but I can not make modification, when syncing changes always returns “error sync”.

I’ve tried uninstalling it pemostat, unlinking it from my netatmo account, reinstalling and re-linking, but the problem persists.

Help please T_T


Hi Bioma,

thank you for your kind feedback! I’ve fixed the change temp call in build 1.6. Could you please try it?