I think the Pebble app updates the apps automatically. I am not sure how you can do it manually.


You’re right, it does update automatically! I exchanged my phone for a new one so I’ve been on the old version maybe a day more than I should have. I’ve collected 5 days of sleep/average sleep data prior to updating and 1 day of data after updating:

Day        Time of check   Data Type   Data
Friday     Morning         Wake up     4h ??m
Friday Afternoon Average 2h 55m
Saturday   Morning         Wake up     6h 57m
Saturday Afternoon Average 3h 29m
Saturday Night Average 2h 59m
Sunday     Morning         Wake up     3h 35m
Sunday Afternoon Average 2h 38m
Monday     Morning         Wake up     5h ??m
Monday Afternoon Average 2h 37m
Monday Evening Sleep ? (stationary on desk)
Tuesday    Morning         Wake up    13h 28m (including desk time from previous day)
Tuesday Afternoon Average 4h 10m


Tuesday After update Average 3h 34m
Tuesday Evening Sleep 4h 19m (stationary on desk)
Wednesday  Morning         Wake up     ?      (including desk time from Tuesday; didn’t check before noon)
Wednesday Afternoon Average 3h 23m
The data gets a bit messy after Monday evening because my bathroom pipes got clogged and I did the laundry without knowing (yikes). So the clean up chores meant the watch went on the desk for a while and I was too flustered to remember to pause.

Anything I should be looking out for? Sleep duration used to be undercounted by about an hour, but I don’t know if that has been fixed and if I should be looking out for that still.


I still have the snoozing problem though:

Pressing the down button stopped the vibration but also automatically
dismissed UpTempo to the watchface, and thereafter it didn’t ring again.



Thanks for the data. But I can’t seem to make any sense of it.
The saturday afternoon average is coorect. After that nothing makes sense. How is the average different at night than afternoon? The average is calculated only once a day at noon. After that none of the averages seem correct to me.
Did you change your phone then? It might be related to that. What it looks like is your watchapp is calculating average twice a day. That means either the update did not go very well and you might have to uninstall/reinstall, or that your watch is actually seeing noon twice a day. Do you change timezones regularly by any chance? It seems to me to be the case that your watch somehow says it is noon more than once, as on multiple days you have different averages at different times.

I just calculated, and it definitely seems like you are seeing 2 noons a day…haha. Are the averages similarly screwed for the other things?

I still can not reproduce the snooze problem. Can you try setting a single alarm from the watch and see if that works.
Otherwise, maybe uinstall/reinstall again. Sorry for all the trouble you’ve been having with this, but once I can recognize a pattern in what is happening I can help better.


Wow yeah! You’re absolutely right, I did get my phone exchanged on Saturday! I check the average twice a day, once after 12nn and once before bed, and that Saturday was the only time there ever was a different Average value within a single day.

I’m not sure about the other trackers though.

I think I’ll do an uninstall and fresh install and start another week of logging.

In other news: the shake to dismiss idle alert sensitivity is noticeably low (i.e. takes 2 to 3 shakes and hard ones at that) Is that intentional? And the 90min idle time is starting to feel too frequent for me >.< I know I know, as a developer it’s hard to please everyone!


Smart alarm seems not working. Had it setup with settings, but no alarm at all not before not after time. Please sugget adding force alarm settings, so we cannot oversleep work time ))


Hi StGolem, are you using some other app that also wakes itself up at around the same time(maybe another alarm app)? This can interfere with the alarm functionality. Pebble can only wake up one app at a time.
Also, please set the alarm at least 1 hour before the first occurence, otherwise the first time it might not go off.
Anyway, I will look into making the alarm better.


No any other app at this time. Also i had set it up on 6 am but my wife had to wake me up at 7-20 soo… no alarm anyway


Ok, I will have to look into it. To be clear, did you just install it first time, set an alarm and it didn’t go off or you had been using it before but it didn’t go off this one time?
If you just installaed it first time, you can try going to settings, turning the alarms off and submit and then again go to settings and turn it on and submit. If you do do it, let me know if it works.


I’ve uninstalled UpTempo, rebooted my Pebble watch, and installed it again from the Pebble app store. I’ve only got two days of data so far and they look reasonable to my untrained eye. I’ll do up the table when I get a week’s worth.

However, I’m still getting the snooze = dismiss issue :(. I’m using a Pebble Time running v3.1, and my iPhone runs Pebble Time v3.1 on iOS 8.4. There are no other activity trackers and no other alarm apps (except the stock one) on the watch.

To clarify:

  • DOWN button - single press - snooze for 10 minutes (UpTempo stays on screen)
  • UP button - long hold - dismiss alarm (UpTempo quits to watchface)
  • Any other button presses have no effect.

In my case, both achieve the same effect to dismiss the alarm and quit to watchface. Is anyone else having this issue? Do you have other testers you can check with? @StGolem, can you check if you have this snooze = dismiss issue please?


Yes, that seems correct.
DOWN button will snooze for 10 mins(15 if the system could not set a wakeup in 10 minutes for whatever reason). This will in effect quit to watchface and an alarm will ring again in 10(or 15) minutes.


I just installed uptempo, so far it worked well.

However, the BT disconnect page is annoying…
Sometimes I will leave my phone on the desk and go get some water or go to the toilet, and the disconnect page will make my watchface obscure, and I have to manually dismiss this page.
Also, the idle alert page is annoying. I know it’s a nice feature to have. But we need configuration options to turn them off, or automatic dismiss function to dismiss it in say, 5 seconds? This morning while I still lying on the bed, it tell me that I have idled for too long and need to go hiking… :frowning:

So far I really like UpTempo. Keep up the good work!


@ChenhsiungChan, the BT disconnect alert auto-dismisses for me when my Pebble reconnects. Does it not do so for you?
Also, could I trouble you to test the alarm’s snooze, please? A normal press on the down button is supposed to snooze the alarm, dismiss UpTempo to the watchface, and ring again in 10 minutes. However, for me it does the first two but not the third, i.e. it doesn’t ring again. The dev has not encountered this issue, and I’m anxious to know if it’s just me.


Hi @ChenhsiungChan, as Lexi says the disconnection alert will dismiss itself on reconnection.
The reason there is no configuration for this is because of Pebble’s memory constraints on the background worker, but I found a way to squeeze it in. You will be able to turn both alerts off in the next release.
@Lexi, I checked again today, I snoozed 4 or 5 times and it worked each time. Can you try setting a single alarm at some other time of day than your normal alarm?



I know that the BT disconnect alert will automatically dismiss when reconnects, but during the time when I am away, I have to dismiss the alert to see my watchface. I don’t need this alert, because my watchface already did that. And I think uptempo don’t need this alert as well, since uptempo is stand alone and don’t rely on the phone (correct me if I am wrong).


I am so glad to hear about the ability to configure the alerts in the next version, looking forward to it!

Chen-hsiung Chan said:
I know that the BT disconnect alert will automatically dismiss when reconnects, but during the time when I am away, I have to dismiss the alert to see my watchface. I don't need this alert, because my watchface already did that. And I think uptempo don't need this alert as well, since uptempo is stand alone and don't rely on the phone (correct me if I am wrong).

I am so glad to hear about the ability to configure the alerts in the next version, looking forward to it!
@Chen-hsiung Chan, ah, I see, I misunderstood you, my bad. The alert configuration is already out! The app should have been automatically updated, and you should see the switches on the Pebble app on your phone.

Edit: Oh, odd. I can't tag your username anymore due to the added space in your name.


I’m with your hunch that my Pebble Time is calculating the average twice
a day.

For the first few days of the past week, I’ve been checking the
averages three times a day but only well into the afternoon, and the averages stay unchanged until the next expected recalculation (except on sunday when a nap was taken, the average recalculated itself).

When I do a check for average:
Morning before 12nn (every day)
Between 12nn to 1pm (only the last two days)
Afternoon between 2 to 4pm (every day)
Afternoon after a nap (on sunday)
Late night just before I sleep (every day)

For the last two days, I’ve been checking out the average around 12:30pm (and again during the rest of the day). On both those days, the averages differ between “before 1pm” and “after 1pm”. The second average that I get AFTER 1pm stays unchanged until the next expected recalculation.

Day        Time of check  Sleep     Average     Remarks
Friday     Morning        7h 20m
After 1pm 6h 17m
Saturday   Morning        4h 47m
After 1pm 5h 12m
Sunday     Morning        9h 19m
After 1pm 4h 58m
Afternoon 40m
Evening 4h 15m Average recalculates after a nap.
Monday     Morning        8h 20m
After 1pm 4h 50m
Tuesday    Morning      (2h to 3h)               Missed it, probably 2 to 3 hours.
After 1pm 4h 31m
Wednesday  Morning         8h 11m
12nn-1pm 5h 3m No naps but there were two averages.
Afternoon 4h 20m “Today’s sleep” still read 0m.
Thursday   Morning      (6h to 8h)               Missed it, probbaly 6 to 8 hours.
12nn-1pm 3h 56m No naps but there were two averages.
Afternoon 2h 28m “Today’s sleep” still read 0m.

I’m not having trouble or problem with this, so please don’t take this as such. I’m just reporting the data as a beta tester :wink: and hoping this could be of some use.


@“Chen-hsiung Chan”, the new version with configurations has not yet been released. You will see them in the settings because pebble app settings use webpages. I was too lazy to make another one just to test, but it is marked on the settings page that these settings will not work yet. But they are coming soon.

@Lexi, thanks a lot for the data. I appreciate the time you took to help with the app.
Yes, it is definitely calculating the average twice. Can’t say why, it might be something to do with the timezone or may be a pebble bug. Either way, I worked around it. So with the next update, I hope that will also be solved.

About your snooze problem, I think I know what it is. I had something similar while testing, it seems that Pebble OS could not set the alarm. I did not think it would be that because you said the snooze never works but other things work fine(as all alarms use the same API).
So, with the next update, the alarm will not be dismissed if the snooze alarm could not be set. Instead the text will change to indicate the problem. They can be:

  • “pebble os error”: Pebble OS could not set the alarm
  • "uptempo error": error in app
  • "alarm conflict": another app has set an alarm at the same time
Also, you can try to snooze again after the error, maybe it works again(though I doubt they will). Can you please take note of the error when you see it and let me know, after the next update. I will inform you of the update here. It should only be a couple days, I have made a bunch of changes to how the alarms are handled. I hope it all works better now. Also, with the next update you will see the version number in small letters on the top of the middle click menu. When you see it, you know the app is updated. Next version will be 0.7.


Oh nice upcoming update!! :smiley: Looking forward!!


New update. Check original post to see what’s new in v0.7.