Hi guys.

In my quest for the best Pebble activity tracker I started with PlexFit. Works good enough but the I find the Google Fit website horrible and it doesn’t show my steps although the app does!
So I tried Misfit for a couple of days. It tracks both steps and sleep really well but it’s a real battery hog.

So I tried UpTempo which is really great on battery life but not at counting steps. Just did 2000 steps (I counted them) of which 1000 walking and a 1000 running. Unfortunately it only registered about 400 steps walking and 8 minutes. No running registered.

Just to let you know, maybe this info is useful for further development.


@RobWijhenke, thanks for notifying me. I only noticed it a couple of days as I am very lazy and don’t run much. A new build is up if you want to try. Running will be counted now.


New update is up. Please check the original post to see what’s new in version 0.15


Hi @v

I’ve been using this app for a while and for me the step counts seems pretty good (similar to misfit, anyway). I only walk, no running. The one place that I struggle a bit with using the app, though, is for sleep tracking. I do take the watch off at times during the day and it seems like I always forget to pause it, so I end up with extra time added onto sleep tracking. I almost wish there was a way to manually start and end the sleep tracking piece or disable sleep tracking between certain hours without pausing step tracking (or does pause only disable sleep tracking? - haven’t checked that). Anyway, great app - thanks for developing it. How’s the Android app coming?



V, thanks for replying. What about the fact that it didn’t count 1600 steps out of 2000? Mistfit and Plexfit are pretty accurate but I do like your little efficient app.


OK, just did another test after installing 0.15

Short interval training, just about 1000 or 1200 steps.
So I walk for about 100 steps, run 50 and so forth. About 15 minutes of activity.

UpTempo registered the following:
Steps 374
4 minutes
No running registered

Sorry but it’s not working.
So I did the same round again but with Plexfit and it registered the whole run pretty much spot on.

What I also noticed is that it took a really long time, like 10 minutes or so before your app started recording. I didn’t incorporate that in above numbers.

Can you investigate, must be a coding issue of some sort.


Hi @Art, good news for you. From v0.15, you don’t need to pause anymore. The app will detect if you take the watch off and will not count as sleep. It is not perfect yet(sometimes sleep is registered less than it should be), but I have a newer version that I am testing that will hopefully solve that too.
The Android app should be done soon. Have been working on it for quite a while now, but it needs some more polish. Thanks for commenting and let me know how the newer versions work for you.

@“Rob Wijhenke”, I understand what is happening now. The app is having trouble with interval training, as it is designed to reject short activities(the are usually caused by random hand movements).
But, I actually have been thinking of improving it lately. I have a new version I will be testing tomorrow, which should address that. If you want to help me test the new version, mail me on the developer email and I can send you a test version of the app(you will require Android to use it though). That would be a great help. Either way, expect a hopefully stable update this week.


Sure, I’ll mail you, glad to help



I would indeed reject hand movements, they can be filtered out if you have the correct algorithms, but catch all steps taken (with a threshold of 3 steps).

For those that are really busy with health also short walks are important. In an office job for example it is important to stand up and walk 20 paces, or even 10, frequently. I do that myself a few times per hour and catching these steps is thus of interest.

I hade a Garmin Fifovit 2 that did this really well, best tracker I had to date (had quite a few). But now it is up to my PBS and activity tracking software!


V, I send you a messsage with info, don’t now what your dev email is.


Hi @v

Thanks for the update! For some reason the new version didn’t automatically update - I had to un-install and re-install on the watch to get v0.15.

By the way, I completely agree that this app is very battery friendly compared to the other fitness trackers.


That is probably because there’s no syncing/BT connection with the phone.
I hope that the phone version allows for the user to set the sync interval time!

V, Do you have the test version for me?


Hi @Art, @“Rob Wijhenke”,
Yes, the Pebble app updates take upto a week it seems. Easier to just uninstall and reinstall, though you lose the data.
About the sync, it is actually already built into the app you’re using but activated from the phone app. I don’t think there should be any battery issues and haven’t noticed any either, though haven’t really tested for that.
I don’t understand what you mean by sync interval time. It syncs automatically in the background, you don’t need to intervene. The delay is generally no more than a few minutes.
Rob, I tested the new version today. It seems to work much better for me. I will send it to you in a few minutes. Let me know how it performs for you.


I just mailed you the test results, much better but still work to do :wink:

By sync interval I mean that syncing between pebble and phone can be done in batches to conserve power. I have noticed that some apps that are constantly communicating with the phone, create a unnecessary power drain. I would only sync every 5 minutes, if there’s a increase in steps and if an activity ends (i.e. less than n movement over a given period).

And you don’t need real time step updates on the watch, every minute is better for power conservation. Making this a user setting is even better.


@“Rob Wijhenke” , thanks. I’ll check regarding sync and power consumption. Currently, it doesn’t seem it will be such a big problem.


@v So, I decided to test for about a week. My experiences have been the same through the week. Sleep tracking works pretty well, just as well as MisFit. The only thing again is, I walked arround my house for a couple minutes to see if all the information would be tracked. The step count and minutes active had not changed. I attempted this a couple times with almost the same results. It did maybe work once or twice. I’m going to keep testing the activity tracking with this app. I especially like the fact that now, it automatically pauses and it works well. The idle alert is also good but, sometimes it’ll trigger when I just did a bit of activity. It’s not a huge problem though and probably due to what was mentioned above. As far as the watch i’m using, it’s the Regular Pebble Time.


@v Also, you should a timeline pin with a daily summary at the end of the day or start of the next. Maybe add a step goal as well?


Hi @Sam08, glad you like the auto pausing and sleep tracking, the accuracy should actually improve with the next version.
I am aware of the issue of detecting shorter activities. It was originally designed to completely disregard them. But from feedback, it seems to be important to some people to track everything(I personally prefer to only get the larger activities) Anyway, I am investigating the feasibility of tracking smaller activities, this should appear in the next release if all goes well.
The inactivity alert is related to this, it triggers after the set time from the last recorded activity.
Timeline pins and goals would appear with the android app. Pins cannot be set from the pebble app itself as of now. Also, I will have to wait for them to release the timeline to the OG Pebble to test it.


Really great to read that you are considering our suggestions!


@v I like the fact that it dosen’t detect hand movement but sometimes, i’m clearly moving and it does not record. One weird thing that happened last night was, it only tracked 2hrs of sleep even though, I slept way more than that. It was the first time it happened. Overall, really satisified with the tracker and keep up the good work.