@Sam08, I am working on improving detection of shorter activities. Hopefully should be sorted out soon.
The current version has a bug that sometimes does not record sleep due to the auto pausing thing. It is solved already, will be released with the new version.


For all anxious waiters for the next release: I’ve tested the latest release and I believe V is doing some great improvements. Almost there, be patient :wink:


@Rob Wijhenke said:
For all anxious waiters for the next release: I’ve tested the latest release and I believe V is doing some great improvements. Almost there, be patient :wink:

Gosh, i’m excited.


Good to hear Sam


I’m looking forward to seeing the update too - no pressure, there @v !


Haha…thanks guys. There’s some extensive changes to the app this time. So, it needs a bit more testing. Hopefully, all the kinks will be worked out soon enough.


Good test today, and good looks :slight_smile:


New release is on the store guys. Check it out.


So far, the new version looks nice. It has crashed for me a couple times but, I don’t know if it’s just me. I’m going to test it tomorrow and for the next few days and tell you how it goes.


@Sam07, anything particular you were doing when it crashed? Or did it crash on startup? Does uinstalling and reinstalling stop crashes?
Let me know so I can figure out the crashes.


@v The app hasn’t crashed since so, I think it wasn’t UpTempo’s fault. So far, the update looks nice but, it took me a while to figure out the menus. My sleep was also wrong but, I think it might’ve been my fault since, I has also been using MisFit the day I switched back.


This night as well, my sleep was wrong only counting 2 or 3 hours of my 7h+ sleep. I believe it only counts deep sleep and not all phases. Correct? Or, is this a bug?


@Sam07, no it should count the whole sleep time. Was it working well before this version? Are you a light or restless sleeper? I tried to make sleep detection a little tighter to differentiate from when the watch is taken off. I can just go back to before(both work well for me, but I am a deep sleeper).


@v It did work well before, the last version was so so. Sometimes it tracked fine, sometimes it didn’t. On like 0.14 I believe it was working perfectly for me. Misfit seems to tell me that half of my sleep is light sleep and half is deep sleep. I believe this is true since, I don’t sleep easily but don’t want to wake up in the morning. Anyways, I don’t know how Misfit does it but, it works perfectly on their app.

Also, I thought of something. You should add a snooze to the idle alert. So if, I don’t start moving 5 minutes after the alert popped up then, it should tell me again. This is just an example. Obviously, it would be off by default but can be turned on in the app settings.


I’ve checked out the new version but as I can’t see what’s on the screen I deleted it again. The white letters on the very pale colored backgrounds are really difficult to see with both direct light as well as back-light. Maybe you can change the colors to get (much) more contrast?


@RobWijhenke ,
oh…i didn’t think of that. It looked fine in the emulator. Well, shouldn’t be too much of a problem to change.


@v I agree with @RobWijhenke that the colors are a bit too light. I don’t have that many problems with it but, it is sometimes hard to see.


How is the counting going?


@v I must concur with others that the color scheme makes it difficult to see the text. Darker background colors would make the text more readable. Other than that, a very nice app, thanks!


Hi, thanks for this app! Here is my feedback after testing a couple of days: Counting of steps / walking is working fine for me, the numbers seem to make much more sense than with Misfit. However, I wonder how the sleep tracking works, for me it is always zero. I do use Morpheuz in parallel, is that a problem? Also, I agree that the color scheme would be more readable with dark text color - other than @GaryOwhere I would prefer to keep the colorful backgrounds.