OK. Good to know about the BLE and it being available for other devices. I CAN connect my P2 to upTempo to register HR. Sadly this doesn’t work as you would wish/hope it would. The app sees my P2 in the list of devices and when I go to setting and turn “Connected to saved BLE devices” to On. I get these steps in the settings of my P2:

When finished with the activity (and because of batterylife) I select Stop Sharing on the P2. The P2 again shows “Now Discoverable” in the Bluetooth menu. When at a later point I once again go to Start Activity -> Settings, the watch doesn’t reconnect or asks to “Share heart rate”. When I disconnect the BT and reconnect I do get this option again. But I think that’s a Pebble (P2) issue, the same thing happens in Runkeeper.

I did notice upTempo also records my HR when I start the Workout watchapp on my P2! That app probably activates the BLE of the P2.

And when connected it does show the info I need!

Errors/incorrect info
I do notice it sometimes automaticly records an activity when I for example drive my car (about 20km/hour) looking for a parking lot. The Pebble Health app doesn’t show this. Maybe because upTempo is more about Runs and Pebble is about Steps?

This one is kind of weird. I woke up at 7.00, got dressed etc and at 7.30 started a manual Activity on the P2 for my bikeride to work. Somehow the app registerd this activity within the Sleep of that day, with that timezone being Awake. And no seperate activity for my bikeride.

To bad the Pebble gives notifications when the walk or run isn’t yet finished. The only thing I had at night (as it shows the sleeping overview), I had to go out of bed to go to my son for less then one minute, but the app divided it into two parts with a 15 minute break in between .

I would love if it would be possible to just use my watch during an activity (outdoor run) with the Heartrate (e.g. via the P2 Workout app) but without my phone. Then when back at home and reconnected to my phone it automaticly uploads the activity to the upTempo app with the details and the heartrate (as in the second screenshot above). So I can take only the P2 with me on a run, but still have the detailed overview in the app. Do you think thats possible?

As said before. I think it’s great what the app can do and plan to use it to monitor my activities!


Thanks for the detailed feedback! Really appreciate it.

It is a relief that BLE works with Pebble. About your issue of having to connect every time, I believe that the “Share heart rate” dialog is more like a permission. You don’t need to Stop sharing HR, the watch will automatically go back to normal HR mode as soon as the no client is connected.
upTempo collects the HR in background, so anytime any app starts high frequency HR, upTempo also collects it. But this HR data is collected at a lower rate than when you connect through BLE(still higher than normal, but not full rate).

The erroneous activities while driving are sometimes recorded, but most times it is on the phone I believe. For now, you can just delete them from the app.
The manual activity as sleep is very weird, I’ll have to take a look. Did you take off your watch after waking up and put it back on just before going out? While this is definitely a bug, I generally advise you to wear the watch at least 10-15 minutes before going to sleep and taking it off at least 10-15 minutes after. Also, if something like this happens, you might be able to edit the sleep session and add a cycling session with the right times and the app will attach the correct sensor data to it. Just to let you know.

Also, it is possible to export your database(under advanced settings) and send it to me to analyse. But it should be done within 24 hours of the beginning of session, otherwise some metadata is optimized out. Anyway, it is an option only if you are comfortable with sharing your database with me.

About running without the phone, it is already possible as much as it will ever be. The problem you’ll run into is that the Pebble has only a little onboard memory. You can try it, it might work with shorter runs I guess. For longer runs, I suspect it will start overwriting old data. If you do try it, let me know how it goes.


Pebble BLE
I have tried it again with the BLE and the Pebble 2. I use the P2 when I go to the gym (or running) so when I don’t use it I turn it off. Last monday I went to the gym and turned on the P2 and I started an upTempo workout on the watchapp (Train). I selected BLE and the P2 asked to share the HR. After that I stopped the workout.

About 2 hours after I started the workout I got a reminder on the P2 that my HR was still shared with an app and if I wanted to stop sharing (to save battery life). So I did, but it doesn’t stop when the workout is stopped. I don’t know if this is a P2 issue or an upTempo issue.

I just noticed this week in the synced data from Pebble to Google Fit that Pebble Health also records me driving at 25km/h as a bikeride. So that isn’t just on upTempo, plus as you said I can delete it.

I keep my watch on just about 24h a day. So thats more than 15 minutes before and after I go to sleep. This week had the same thing: It recorded on Sleep from 22.24 for 2 hours and then again from 2.17 for 5,5 hours. Thats a gap of about 2 hours. I have exported the database, just tell me where to send it.

Running without phone
I have tried it with a soccer practice, but didn’t start a workout on the watch. So it just recorded a few walks. I’ll try this with a run once the weather outside is better. Just to be clear: I start a run on the upTempo Watchapp and select BLE. Then after a (short ;-)) run I’ll reconnect with the phone and it should show the workout with the HR info?


Pebble BLE
I guess I was wrong about how BLE works on Pebble. It seems you will have to confirm on watch every time.

You can send me the database on vssh9999@gmail.com.

Running without phone
Yes, that is what I think would work. Just be sure that the Pebble is saved on the upTempo phone app under BLE devices. Let me know how it goes.



I like the UpTempo app very much! The idle notifications are very useful. But I think the watchapp should respect Quiet time setting. If Quiet time is on, idle notifications should be suppressed. Because I may be in a theater or in a meeting and can’t move anyway. Or it may even be past midnight.

No need to add any settings to the app. Just before displaying the idle notification, check if Quiet time is on. And if so, just skip the notification. That’s my suggestion to the overall great app.

Thanks again for your amazing work!


@Sasz, thanks for the feedback, I am glad you like the app,
About the quiet time setting, I agree. I have also made the changes to my code as they were relatively minor. But unfortunately, right now I can not physically test the changes myself, and I don’t want to release new version without testing as the app is now in a relatively stable state.
So, if you are running an android phone and would like to help test the new version, that would be very helpful. Just mail me with your details and I’ll send you a test version of the app.


I replied to you via e-mail. I will help you test the new version.



I’m still an “active” user of your app. If you still need testers for your new version, please let me know!

Ps. I changed phones (from S7 to S8). How can I get the historical data to my new phone? Just via export & import?



Hi @CoachKoos,
The new version was just a new version of the Pebble watchapp that respects quiet time. I just uploaded it to the store, so you can check to see if that works properly.
Currently, exporting and importing is the only way to migrate. I am thinking of a new feature that will also help with this but that will be quite a big thing, so it will be some time.