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If it does not show up your phone does not support it.


How is the phone battery status supposed to work without a companion app? (I tried reading the code but I’m not seeing what it’s doing) and what is missing from my phone to make it support it?

davidgro said:
How is the phone battery status supposed to work without a companion app? (I tried reading the code but I'm not seeing what it's doing) and what is missing from my phone to make it support it?
have a look at this:

You cannot do something about it not showing up on your phone.


The battery drain is high, can you look at this issue ?


I tried to minimize the battery drain but right on I have no idea how to improve it any more.
I’ll have a look in a few days, maybe I might squeeze out another few % but don’t have too high expectations :slight_smile:


The face seem update weather info every time is displayed ->
timeline -> return to face = update
midlle button -> return to face = update

so maybe you can cache data and update only at update time : 30min, 1H, 2H… ?

refresh steps or batt value only each minutes ?


Version 1.10:

  • Fix the configuration


You are right, it refreshs the weather info everytime it is launched (there is no caching involved).
Your idea is really good, i’ll have a look when i’ll update the watchface for the new pebbles.


Version 1.11:

  • Switch to CommonJS-style
  • Switch to Auto assigned MessageKeys
  • Switch configuration to clay framework

I had a look on the weather refresh.
Unless the watchface is not closed (incoming notifications don’t close it, they just hide it) the weather will not be loaded from the web.
So unless you are switching between watchapps / watchfaces all the time there is no battery drain from this side.

I still have no idea why its draining the battery so fast :frowning:


Version 1.12:

  • Added weather information caching

maybe this helps with the battery draining but i doubt it :slight_smile:


Ich mag die App sehr, weil alles drauf ist, was ich sonst mit mehreren Zifferblättern hinbekommen habe.
Ein Problem habe ich: Ich habe die Option Temperatur min/max gewählt, aber es wird weiterhin der Tag des Jahres angezeigt.


I just did test this and yeah it is bugged.
I’ll have a look what i did wrong and will fix it asap.


Version 1.13:

  • Fix the day of year display
  • Fix the logic when the cached weather information is read


Version 1.14:

  • switch to SDK 4
  • add diorite platform
  • add weather localization


Version 1.15:

  • Improved data saving


Version 1.16:

  • Reduce draw calls (may improve the battery life)
  • Add battery saving mode (see settings)


Version 1.17:

  • Add weather providers: Yahoo, DarkSky, OpenWeatherMap & WeatherUnderground
  • Add sleep time customization
  • Change stepcount & distance display
  • Add Heart-rate support
  • Add Emery platform


I’m using a Pebble 2 HR as my daily driver now. Switched to GadgetBridge, after my new no-name china smartphone (Doogee S60 rugged phone, IP68, MKT octacore chipset, Android 7.0 Nougat) preferred to crash the standard Pebble app pretty often.

Sometimes there appears a small heart icon at the watchface’s right lower corner, but with no heart rate shown. And there is no heart rate option in the configuration menu. Seems to be partially implemented, but not finished yet.


I would really enjoy the heart rate to be shown on the TrekVolle watchface, as the standard HR Vitals watchface doesn’t show any weather information with GadgetBridge. The TrekVolle watchface would be perfect, if it showed both. Do you have any plans to get the heart rate display finished?

Thank you very much for this watchface!



hey carsten, head over to github and install the latest version (if you’re still running the latest build from the pebble store).

you are right, HR is only partially implemented since we never got the pebble time 2 and so i never had a watch with HR monitor.

open up an issue on github and we should be able to debug this together.