[Watchface] Modular, the next generation watchface for Pebble


Modular was designed with a simple goal in mind: Focusing on the information that matters to you. Need to keep track of your weekly steps or sleep?* Get a quick glance at the upcoming week? Anticipating an upcoming day or deadline? Look at another timezone? Check the weather or your next flight? Remember your habits guilt-free? Get more organized with Modular! Make it yours!

-Customize everything to YOUR preferences
-Clean, information dense design provides a satisfying experience!
-12 / 24 hour time
-US / EU date format & imperial / metric units
-BT vibration and indicator
-Weather powered by OpenWeatherMap or Weather Underground
-3 font themes: Digital, Smooth, Hybrid
-2 progress bar** options: Battery Level or Daily Step Goal*
-4 dividers types** to help you read how far the progress bar is
-4 text information options: Date, Daily Steps*, Battery, Temperature
-9 modules to choose from: Weekly Step Graph*, Weekly Sleep Graph, Calendar, Weather, Alternate Timezone, Countdown, Note, MyHabits, Travel
-Peek Mode: View 2 more modules at the flick of your wrist
-Master Key Support (pmkey.xyz)

*Not available on Classic
**Not available on Round

Classic: http://bit.ly/modularClassic
Time: http://bit.ly/modularTime
Round: http://bit.ly/modularRound


I love this watchface - definitely my favourite!
Keep up the awesome updates, it just keeps getting better. :slight_smile:

My favourite modules are Habits and Steps, but the sleep module is also a welcome addition!


Will API key support ever be added for openweathermap? I assume it’s using a default key at the moment, but I can see this exceeding the allowed requests per day eventually when more poeple purchase the watchface.

Or does using pmkey mean it uses the api key we have stored in our accounts?

Also, while i’m asking, is there any possibility you would consider adding an hourly vibration option? I’m using nag for pebble by Yuriy at the moment, but it’s not always reliable if my watch and phone aren’t connected.


As a premium watchface, at least one weather provider should be available hassle free. You don’t need to worry about the key being exceeded, I can assure you that it won’t :slight_smile:

Master Key allows you to store your API keys. It will only grab your API keys for WeatherUnderground, MyHabits, and Travel Priority Access; not OpenWeatherMap.

Thanks for the suggestion! A few others have suggested that as well but I won’t be able to add it in until the next major update. I have a minor update coming along soon that addresses some common problems.


I hope you’ll be able to add a smaller font option for the modules. Right now alternate time zone or countdown uses the same font size like the main time. The whole display looks pretty crowded in my mind. Thanks.


I agree. A few people have also suggested it so I plan to fix that in the next minor update.


The calendar view is currently not displaying dates correctly. All dates prior to the current date are correct, but dates after that are shifted. For example, the calendar view today shows 28, 29, 30, 31, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13


Not sure what was wrong, but it’s fixed right now.