[Watchface] Slides of Time - animated Watchface, extensive customization options, inspired by Enigma


I really liked the Enigma Watchface that was shown during the Pebble Time Kickstarter campaign. Sadly it lacks some customization options and also I wanted it on the original Pebble, too. So I created my own version and added some twists of my own and lots of customization options. Works on Pebbles with color and monochrome displays.

All credit for the original design to the designer and the developer of the Enigma Watchface, Alex Kirov and Neal Patel.

You can see it in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpXuN6cb0-Y
Here are some configuration examples: http://imgur.com/a/OrWM3

Configurable options:
  • Font size (normal and large)
  • Highlight style/colors
  • Invert black & white (everything, without highlight, highlight only)
  • Five lines to show data (the first and the last are not fully visible)
  • Splash screen (4 characters of [0-9,a-z,A-Z,+,-,', ,\,/,!,?,_]) that is shown when the Watchface loads
  • Choose from: Time(local and up to two custom time zones), Date in different formats, Random digits, Temperature (provided by OpenWeatherMap.org), Watch battery level (0-9), Calendar week, Splash screen string, Pebble Appstore Hearts (provided by PblWeb.com), empty row, Pebble Health data
  • Limit animations to conserve battery life
  • Animation speed and style (ease in, ease out, ease in and out, linear)
  • Tapping effects: Scramble screen, Display help, Animations, Show splash screen
  • Display help permanently
  • Time format
  • Date format (including week day name and number)
  • Temperature unit (Celsius, Fahrenheit, both)
  • Fixed weather location or GPS
  • Temperature update intervals
  • Bluetooth connection loss and reconnection alert
  • Low battery level alert
  • Hourly vibration
  • No vibration while charging
  • No vibration/animation schedule
  • Different vibration patterns (short, long, double, heartbeat, halfbeat)
Requested features already on the to-do list:
  • More weather information (including conditions as numbers and abbreviations)
  • Display BT connection status in a digit
  • Adjustable tapping sensitivity
  • Display phone battery level
  • Support Yahoo/Weather underground/forecast.io as weather provider
  • Display of abbreviated month and weekday names
  • Use highlight colors to indicate weather conditions
  • Option to use a thinner font
  • "ordered" digits instead of random
  • more flexible row configuration
  • tapping to update temperature
  • show borders around digits also on PT
  • Configurable weather update interval
  • Configurable battery level display ([1-9] or [10-90])
  • Improved display for temperatures in Fahrenheit
  • Display a digit representing the day of the week
  • Improve performance on monochrome Pebbles
  • Configuration option: Invert display on BT loss
  • Animation after tapping the watch
  • Dark Gray highlight option for monochrome Pebbles
  • Allow tapping effect animation even when animations are disabled
  • Different hourly vibration patterns
  • Do-not-disturb period
  • Display temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius at the same time
  • Turn off BT disconnect vibration if BT is already disconnected at the start
  • Option to turn off the start animation
  • Different invert options
  • Longer double vibration option
  • Display Zulu/GMT time
  • Option to use a larger font
  • Use the schedule to also disable animation in addition to vibration
  • Different highlight options for Pebble Time
  • Adjust custom timezones to DST automatically
  • Option to show an empty row
  • Improve readability of the 5

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Awesome work! I’d been hoping for a customizatable watch face based on Enigma ever since the kickstarter launched.

One suggestion: Is it possible to add more weather data variables? Maybe high/low temps; precipitation chance, etc.

Thank you for releasing this awesome watch face!


thanks for the suggestion.
In principle it should be possible to add all data the OpenWeatherMap API provides. I’ll add it to the list :slight_smile:


@MorrisTimm Unfortunately the configuration page never loads on my iPhone so I cannot configure it :’(

Could you give me the URL of the configuration page so I can test from my computer?


There is currently an issue with iPhone settings. +Jnm thankfully already gave me an idea what’s going wrong. It should be fixed in the next version.

As I’m currently on the road I cannot promise anything but I’ll try to fix it over the weekend.


I got my hands on a Laptop and due to the magic of CloudPebble the issue should be fixed with V1.1 now.
@iPhone users: Please test :slight_smile:


It work’s. :smile:


Just published a new version which improves the performance on original Pebbles and improves the display of temperature in Fahrenheit.


Thank you develop this interesting watchface, many options can be set the information I want to show. Sometimes, it is very similar on 5, 6, 2.


Hi I’m having trouble opening the settings for this. Nothing happens when I hit the settings button. It only worked once for me when I first installed it. I’ve tried unloading then reinstalling, deleting from the locker then reinstalling, but still can’t get it to open. Anyone else with this problem?


That is strange. I’m only aware of the iPhone problems in the first version.

I just tried opening the settings page and it worked for OP and PT without problems.

Could you try opening the settings for my other Watchface? They are on the same sever, maybe there is some kind of connection problem.

if you have another active Watchface, does it change when you try to open the settings?

Also do you remember the last settings you made?


I uninstalled the pebble android app, and reinstalled it, it’s working now.

Could you please add animate on tap as an option? I’d like to have animations disabled but allow it to trigger with a shake. Also invert the whole watchface on BT disconnect would be nice.

Great work with the watchface!


What should the animation on tap be? The screen scrambling? Or something else?

Invert on BT loss is added to the list. Not sure how to do it on PT, maybe I’ll have to include the effect_layer lib.


Could you please just make the tap animation scroll through some random numbers and then return to the current time display? Also is it possible to make the sensitivity of the tap detection adjustable? Thanks.


I’m using the standard accel_tap_service the watch provides, which is not adjustable.
I might implement a manual accelerometer analysis in the future, but that would be more of a long-term objective.


After playing with the settings a bit, the scramble animation is fine but it doesn’t work when digit change animations are disabled. It just jumps to the random number screen without animation, and doesn’t return to normal until the time changes.

Also one more suggestion: could you please add a 0 ms option for scramble timeout so that it returns to the time straight away without stopping on the random numbers?


I’m already working on fixing the random issue. I’m currently waiting for the animation to finish before triggering returning to the normal screen. Since there is no animation, it never finishes…

The “no stopping” part is more difficult because of the way the engine is built, but I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

Thanks for your testing!


Could you just make it identical to the time change animation, but without the time change?

One more request, another grey highlight option but with 75% black and 25% white to make it easier to read?

Sorry, hope I haven’t given you too much work to do. Keep up the good work!


I just published V1.3:
* Fixed Watchface running amok and crashing when all rows are set to random [who does that anyway? ;)]
* Fixed screen not returning to normal after scrambling when animations are disabled
* Added tapping effect: Animation
* Added monochrome highlight option: Dark Gray

@shiznit - I’m grateful for every suggestion. I’ll check everything for feasibility and put it on the to-do list. Additional options for an existing configuration are more easily implemented than a completely new configuration that involves changing the stored data. So some things will be implemented quicker than others :slight_smile:


Aaaand another version.
Added more options to limit animations (disabled except for startup and/or tapping animation)