Watchfaces failur


Hi all,
Lokk at the photo. Two weeks ago I started to have some problem with the watchfaces icons.
System Android 7.0
Do you have any idea what happens?
I’m aftre reinstalation of the pebble aplication, watch restarting et

c etc.

Watchfaces and apps on Pebble app are working but there is no preview image in the app
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Watch face preview and image error

The same is happening to me. And to my wife. pebble time and time round with Android 5.1 and 6.1. There’s another post about this issue (‘icons not shown’, or something like that) in this forum.


There is no decision yet, watch this topic, maybe the solution will appear in the future


That issue started appearing for me too, but only with new installations of watchfaces or apps. May be a result of Pebble’s services slowly shutting down