What happens if my watch crashes/resets after the Pebble servers are shut down?


I’m running a PTS paired with an iPhone which has been trouble-free since I got it from the Kickstarter EXCEPT for that one time I was out of town and the watch crashed for reasons unknown. This happened before Pebble folded, and I finally got it reset and reloaded. So what happens after the Pebble servers go down? From what I understand with the iOS app, the few apps and watchfaces that I use have to be individually downloaded from the servers and transferred to my watch. Which I think means in a few weeks that those apps and watch faces will cease to exist.

Basically, I think that the next time my watch resets, it’s now a paperweight. I need different watchfaces to be able to read it without my reading glasses (Hop Picker and DIN Time are favorites) and I want a stop watch and countdown timer. That’s all I need and all I use. But as far as I can tell from that one crash, those apps don’t sit locally in my iPhone. I may be wrong.

There is, of course, the Rebble project, but it’s still in its early days and it will be a while before they have a stable replacement for Pebble infrastructure up and running. But I’m hopeful that they’ll get there, and when I get employed again, I’m going to be sliding them some bucks.


The app store has already been backed up to a new web page so you can download them and sideload to Pebble.


Sorry, failed to include link;


Thanks for that link, I didn’t know it existed.