What if I buy a Pebble Time Round now?


What if I buy a Pebble Time Round, right now, at Amazon? Anybody did it? Any problems found? Paired, updated and worked as expected? Or it will be a brick just off the box (or soon)? Could I send it back to Amazon if there’s something wrong with it? Thanks.


Why would you expect problems?

why should it?

Why shouldn’t you?


I ordered a Time Steel for Christmas from Amazon. Works perfectly. The only problem was following the instructions to find the initial software to load. The web site no longer works but I just downloaded the Pebble app from Apple and loaded it. Worked great, no problems so far. Running 4.3 version.



I just purchased a Time 2 , though I bought it through a retailer as they have there own 12 months warranty, any problems it goes back to them. It will really depends on the statutory consumer protection rights of the purchaser in what ever country you live, also those of where the vendor is domiciled.

There does seam to be some great deals around for the time round ,but the smaller screen puts me off. The screen on my Time 2 is a lot bigger though at 53 I still need my glasses to read most of the available faces.

My Pebble 2 works very well and the software updated from the App as soon as it was installed.



I got my Pebble Time Round just today. Everything working fine, by now.


I got a time two for Xmas and been using it since. I really like it. it is paired with my phone, it is light does time steps and alerts. You may not get great new apps and I hope that what the watch can currently do will not be disabled (do not see how that could happen).


I recieved one for Christmas, and it has been working fine. I really like the round watch faces, and it completely changes which of the faces are my favorites, and the general style (as opposed to my Time Steel). I also love the form factor – thin, slim, elegant.

I do not like the 2-day battery life, and the e-ink face seems to be set down further from the glass than previous watches, which makes it much more difficult to read – especially at any angle.

I may have not asked for it had the news about the operations closing come earlier, but I’m not sad I got it, and I use it regularly.


I have just bought a Pebble Round for my wife its beautiful and by far the most attractive smart/fitness watch on the market and I bought it on Amazon for £100.
Why Fit Bit would spend $25m on buying one of the best and definitely coolest watches in the market with a huge following and Bin the entire production line is quite simply unbelievable. This product is mentioned in the same breath as a like Apple, a brand that spend million’s and millions on advertising. Pebble is so well know simply because its such a good product.
I think every one on this site should post there thoughts on Fit Bits face book page, come on there’s 2 million of us.
I have a Pebble 2HR its quite simply brilliant, all of the apps and programs on the watch work perfectly. The HR monitor and step counter are valet accurate. The messaging and watch interface work really well with quirky animations and the very useful timeline function.


hi i was wondering,i was gonna order a pebble 2 from amazon uk, do you guys know if it’ll still work or would it not function anymore? thanks.


I have a Pebble 2HR its quite simply brilliant bought from Argos in the UK in Jan 2017, all of the apps and programs on the watch work perfectly. The HR monitor and step counter are very accurate. The messaging and watch interface work really well with quirky animations and the very useful timeline function. There are quite a few apps you can add from the store more than enough. If you do buy one and like it let Fit Bit know via their Face book and they may be they will bring the brand back.
Don’t let Pebble Die :thumbsup:


Go for it.


I agree about the Fitbit buyout. We need a petition from ALL Pebble users refusing to purchase any of Fitbits products in the future unless they restore support for the Pebble product they now own. Zero respect for Fitbit and their ethics.


Why did you buy a Pebble when you knew it anyways?

Zero respect for Kernowjay and his ethics.


Well, That’s a smart question but the answer sadly is quite simple, But not that unusual. I didn’t! It was an unexpected Christmas present from my Wife and like many Pebble owners, I didn’t realise how much I was going to love and play with this thing. Living and playing by the sea I always wore these rather large and stupid looking ‘Tide’ watches. Now I have an excellent Tide app courtesy of ‘Owen B’ that does the same thing as well as all the other ‘bells & whistles’ that Pebble offers up. And just to clarify, My wife had no idea about Pebbles fate at the time of purchase and to be honest i’m glad! She would not have bought it. The Pebble has become a real part of my daily life whether its responding by voice to text messages (which i never grow tired of), getting the latest news alerts or just checking the tide level before kayaking. In my opinion this things awesome value for money. I just hope ‘Fitbit’ recognise this and carry’s it forward in ‘open’ platform form and not just as a ‘fitness tracking’(yawn!) device that they’re so focused on. This is a big market I know but what expertise Fitbit has with Sports Bands coupled with Pebble’s 'E’ink display and ‘Apps’ could be a real winner in the wearables market place. So come on Fitbit, Be brave and take the Pebble ideals forward all be it in your own style. I might just buy one!!!


And, By the way Nemooo. My own family business changes some of its product lines on an annual basis in order to stay current BUT we never take away our support for products purchased ‘past or present’ by our customers! And No, This is not unusual. Loyalty works both ways but once broken it can take a lot of resources to re-attain. That is why ‘Apple’ spend millions on ‘Support’ centres world wide, And they clearly know what they’re doing!
As for me, I have the respect of MY customers and the constant support they will receive ‘should anything go wrong’ both now and in the future. It’s one of the rewards for putting ourselves through the sometimes rocky road of business ownership.
As for your ‘Respect’, I would not be bold enough to expect it. Since we know not of one another I have not had the chance to acquire it. So no offence taken.


Well, then I guess it’s just bad luck…

Let’s hope so!

FitBit bought Pebble’s software, not hardware. And BTW, it’s not Pebble’s E-Ink, it’s boring industry-standard from Sharp. It’s just that noone cares: Everyone is happy with ugly black bracelets, so everyone keeps producing and buying LCD/OLED smartwatches

Pebble didn’t take away support for their products, they simply ceased to exist. If you run a business you should know what that means.

And BTW, if you really run a business you should know that things only get done if you DO them, not if you just DEMAND them. So if you ask for [quote=“Kernowjay, post:12, topic:27563”]
a petition from ALL Pebble users
what hinders you to start such a petition? Create, organize and advertise it, get users to sign it, just DO it!
I’m so annoyed by all these people - especially here in the forum - who are great at loudly demanding and at the same time showing zero, absolute zero action.

BTW2: Mentioning “Apple” and “good support” in one sentence is more then daring (keywords: antennagate, bendgate, updategate, etc.). Especially Apple is known for it’s bad support.


WOW!! A tad OTT.
Maybe we “these people” are all just a bunch of idiots and should not voice our opinion on this forum because what we have to say rials you so much. Except for you that is who is clearly a lot more ‘should we say’ passionate than we are.
I’ll resist a reply to your attempt at an insult regarding my business acumen. I was merely portraying my love and opinion in regard for the former Pebble brand as many Pebble owners on this forum have. Judging by you gracious words (NOT!!!) you clearly have a very different agenda.
Clever use of words BTW.
Good day to you Sir and Gone!


Where in the world did you find a Time 2? I’ve been searching Internet and eBay for six months.


I guess these are typos and they really mean Pebble 2. mhgeorge e.g. mentions this in his last sentence.


I bought pebble time round rosegold 3 weeks ago and it works super! And regarding the refund issue it can differ who the seller is, I think you need to ask seller in advance.