What is your favorite watchface/app that is still working?


Some of my favorites don’t work anymore.

But some are still working.
What are yours? Let’s appreciate those who keep it working!


If you reply, please let us know
Pebble Type:
Phone: iOS or Android
Phone OS Version:

This should be interesting … :slight_smile:


TH3 analog, pebble classic with iphone

love this watch, I’m a minimalist


My Favorite Watch face.

Rain app.


My favorite is graphite


Quebble still works for me. It has the best selection of daily quotes I’ve see anywhere, and I don’t think I have seen the same one yet. (I don’t check everyday.)


All the watchfaces shown work. And I use them all depending on what I’m doing.

The bottom 2 are:
Fallout Vault Boy Face by cullersteber
World Watch by Seaware


I just tested these and they work too!

The last two are:
AWW1 - Analog WeatherWatch by pbhgl
Rolex Sub by RichRdz (no longer available, I think)


I use Fair Weather and The 12 Doctors. The first covers weather, sunrise, and barometric pressure. The second tells time using the faces of Doctor Who, up to the 12th Doctor, with the optional War Doctor slotting in at 8:30.


For me very important program “Naw Me”, and also program which I make myself pebble_rembble_control_for_computer, if you are geek, you can try it


PT2 using android galaxy tab
apps still working
Sleep like android


I’m still using the Kiezel Essential with dark blue background, works fine for me. I haven’t found many features of my Pebble that have stopped working, to be honest.


This is on Pebble Time Steel with Android 7.0 (Galaxy S8). Snowy still works for me but I don’t use it as a watchface.



snowy was my favourite too :confounded:
I recently had the same issues. Started it and asked me to pick a language, but would dump me back to the app list on my watch when I tried to run it.

I had to delete and remove it a couple of times. I also switched my phone from mobile data to wifi and it started working normally. It still working properly on mobile data too. Nox ShowBox VidMate


You got it working?!!! Do you have an Android or iOS phone?


All the following faces are my favorite.image|281x500