When watch face settings won't open on Android... solution!



I had an issue where suddenly I could not get the settings page for any watch face to open. It would either just spin for ever, or say something like “unable to load app”.

The issue, apparently, is that watch face settings require the “draw over other apps” permission. You might have turned this off, for example, if you were trying to get Kiwix to run on your phone. The solution is simply to turn it back on.

For Marshmallow on a Samsung, this is the procedure:

  • Go to Settings -> Applications
  • Select “Application Manager”
  • Select “More” -> “Apps that can ppear on top”
  • Scroll down to Pebble, turn it on

On other phones, the details may differ, but hopefully that’s the gist of it.

The proper fix would be for Pebble to either not require this permission, or at least give an intelligent error message if it’s not granted.

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Thank you. I completely forgot about the draw over other apps setting.

For Android without the wizard (Nexus 6, 6p, etc):

  1. Go to Settings -> Apps
  2. Select the gear icon in the top right
  3. Select “Draw over other apps”
  4. Select “Pebble” and switch it to on.
  5. Back out and go update the watch face settings you’ve been missing for the past few months.

I also agree. This should open up within the app itself. There is no need to make this an overlay. Silently failing only leads to frustration.


Except I’m on KitKat 4.4.2

“This permission is only required on devices running Andoid 6.0 or higher. To enable “Draw over Apps” for …”