Which kind of repair shop will help to change the battery?


I have noticed a slightly diminished daily battery life since I got my Pebble Time 2 years ago. I charge it daily and it sometimes drops to 50% on rare occasions. Or more often 80%.

When I first used it, it never went below 90% in one day. So, the time will come when the battery dies. Where do I go to have a new battery installed: watch repair or phone repair shop? I know it’s not all that difficult and have seen videos of it DIY. I won’t do it myself.

Any suggestions most appreciated.



I think that charging it daily might be part of the problem. It can eventually wear down a battery from non-usage. Try letting the battery drain a significant amount before charging it for a while and that may help.


Yep have to agree that’s not good for the battery to charge it daily let it run down a couple of times and don’t charge it till it needs it my PTS still goes a week easy and I only charge it once a week.


You don’t need to let the battery deplete - aamof for the kind of battery that’s in any modern gadget, it’s perfectly fine to let it sit on the charger. See (amomg many others) https://www.androidauthority.com/battery-myths-688089/


Can anyone actually answer the question?
Battery life DOES go down after a couple of years and I’d like to replace mine. I can see battery replacement instructions on eg YouTube, but it looks very fiddly and also I can’t find a battery supplier …


Probably a phone repair shop. Watch repair shops deal with watches that are designed to be opened for battery replacement, so they won’t have the tools needed to open a Pebble. That said, you may have to provide the battery yourself, because I doubt that the phone repair shop will have a battery small enough for a Pebble.


Thanks. That’s what I wanted to know.

I am sure the battery will eventually be at it’s limit either sooner or later. It’s holding up quite well, but in the beginning, it literally took 1 minute or even less to reach 100%. It takes a bit longer now. I do know that some feel you need to let it run down. But today’s batteries, as I understand it, will simply stop charging once it’s full and on charge, even in a dock/charger. I suppose there is some kind of sensor that stops it from further charging.

But I can see the value of maybe letting it run down every so often.

Thanks everyone.