Will my Pebble run past 2017?


Is there any reason the basic Pebble will not keep running with its apps past 2017?


With the existing Pebble app, it should be fine until the servers are shut down (if they get shut down). Rumor is that they are working on a standalone app that will not depend on the servers, thus no problem for existing Pebbles. So, it is still wait and see.


If you use it with an Android phone, you also have the option of switching to the open-source GadgetBridge app. Then you should have decent “basic” functionality as long as your watch itself survives.


David, depends on what functions you want. Notifications of calls, emails and texts should be fine. They are not dependent on Pebble servers. Weather, voice, etc…will most likely stop but I am very happy with the Notifications. Hope this helps.


As long as notifications and media controls keep working at a bare minimum I would be fine


​On my basic black plastic gem of a watch the following have become part of
my tech system: notifications, Glance, UP step counter, camera shutter
control. My understanding is that they are all a matter of Bluetooth
between my wrist and my pocket.
Everything works perfectly (folded tissue took care of the screen tearing).
Battery life seems to be getting shorter, 3 days or so. I am considering
purchasing another Pebble while they are still available and cheap.
Whatever follows is likely to be far more expensive.


From what I understand the server is running till the end of this year then will be shut down and we may get 1 last update from the Pebble/Fitbit devs to make the watch independent of the server but even without that we won’t loose much just the speech to text and the built in weather app will no longer work and pretty much everything else will that’s not dependant on the server hope this helps.


According to https://plus.google.com/+AfonsoSantos/posts/76NpyD9ZuHF the current Pebble App for Android does not run on Android O developer preview 1 anymore. :scream: