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Hey Pebblers,

I thought to start a new topic since this is a major update on the windows phone app.
I’ve updated the Pebble Essentials Windows Phone App in the app store. This update brings a lot more features than before. Some of the main features:

  • Control the music while the app is sent to background.
  • Control the volume of the music
  • Easy access to the Pebble Store.
  • Install unlimited number of apps on Pebble Time.
  • Easy switch between paired pebbles without the need to unpair any.
  • Compatible with both Pebble classic and Pebble Time

Please download from here:

All reviews (good or bad) are very welcome. I just need your feedback…

Please let me know what other features you’d like to in my next update…

Kind Regards

Pebble 2 & windows phone 10

By not having a trial version you have stopped me from giving you feedback.

I would love to tell you how it works but I can’t just buy every app on the promise it works, please consider a trial version.


Thanks a lot for your comment. This is actually a good point. I’ll plan to release a trial version in my next update.

But as a general rule for myself, I don’t put paid apps in the store until I fully test them in different scenarios and using different hardware. I’m very confident there shouldn’t be issues especially with Windows phone 8/8.1. I noticed some instability issues with windows 10, but they get improved as MS is releasing new updates


For only $0.99 I think it’s worth supporting any developer willing to spend time on the Windows Phone platform. I bought this and Greg Banta’s Pebble Watch Pro. Pebble ain’t doing it, so let’s support the guys that are!


Thanks Rob for your nice comment. I’ll keep adding features into this app until everyone is satisfied :slight_smile:


Hi Ehad,
I already tried to contact you via the WP store and you have been so kind to answer. Unfortunately, I cannot directly answer there. So I thing, this forum is better suited for discussion. As I mentioned there, the app directly crashes after opening. I can see the splash screen and afterwards the screen showing Connecting… for ca 1 sec. Then the app crashes. There is no music app running (in the foreground, just audiobit in the background). But turningh BT off and on agaion or a reboot does not help. Do you have any ideas?
Best regards


Hi Andre,

Thanks a lot for finding me, I was waiting for your reply :smile:

Anyway, I've seen some issues with Windows 10, but from what I tested, I was able to recover. Although running a music in background should not cause an issue, it may have caused something I'm still not aware of. My app uses the background audio to run the music. Opening another app that can run in the background can lead that both apps will be fighting to run the audio in background. Here are a few things to try:

1) Stop any music app that can run audio in background. You can restart your phone for example. If you pause the background music for something like 5 minutes, the music will close automatically.
2) Unpair and pair the Pebble.
3) Try reinstalling the app from the store. There could be some corruption in the downloaded file.

Can you please let me know what is your phone? Some phone with low memory can experience more issues in this case.

Kind Regards


Hi Ehad,
thank you for your help.
I have a Lumia 950, so I think, that memory should not be an issue. I tried everything you suggested: reinstalling the app, unpairing and pairing again and of course a restart of the phone.
Can it be, that there is some issue with WP10 and how it handles the Bluetooth connection? In the BT settings, the Pebble Time is paired but in the top menu it is shown that no BT device is connected.
When I try to connect the Pebble (by clicking it in the BT settings menu), it shows connected for a few seconds. If I try to open the app, it seems that I get a connection for some seconds more, before the phone “disconnects” again and the app crashes.
Btw: Connection with PWP and Pebble time manager works perfectly.
Kind regards



Hmm, this is really strange. Looks like it’s a connection problem. Here are a few things I’d like you to try to filter out the problem.

- Turn off the Bluetooth on the Phone and open the app. Does the app show you that the Bluetooth is off?
- Turn off the Bluetooth on the Phone but turn it off on the pebble. Does the app show you that the Bluetooth is off?
- While opening the app and before trying to connect, press “Pebble List”. Does the app show you the list of paired Pebbles?
- Now try to connect to the Pebble. Does the app crash?

Other things to check:
- Check if the app is enabled to run in the background. Go to Settings and background apps.
- Uninstall Pebble Time Manager and try to open the app. This app may require access to Bluetooth in the background which creates some conflict of using resources.

Sorry again for having this issue.

Kind Regards


Hi Ehad,
really: no problem. I appreciate that you are so helpful and try help to figure out the problem. Unfortunaltey, none of your suggestions worked.
When I start the app with BT turned off, I can see the message that it is turned off. I see this message until I close it, but in the background, I see, that the app crashes. It crashes so fast, that I cannot press “Pebble List”.
I cannot see the app in the list of allowed background running apps. The reason may be, that it never really started up to now. Uninstalling PTM does also not work. Do you have any other ideas?

Best regards


Thanks Andre for the information. Having the app not listed in the background apps make me think that the issue may be related to the OS itself somehow. I’m running out of ideas at the moment. I tried to replicate the issue with my Windows 10 phone but I didn’t see it :neutral:
I’ll contact Microsoft to see if they can help me on this. The problem is I didn’t see any crashes report coming from Windows 10 for this app. I also did get feedback from other users who are using this app under Windows 10. So I don’t really know how is it doing. Anyway, I’ll chase MS next week.

One last thing to try:
- Can you unpair all your Bluetooth devices and just pair Pebble watch? Just double check it is not the Pebble Time LE. It should be Pebble Time.

Kind Regards


I bought your app but it crash every time, I try to launch it.

I tried with bluetooth on and off, with pebble paired and not, restart phone, reinstall app.
Iam on 950 xl .107 insider

Any ideas? Thanks


Thanks Matis for the information. Now it seems a more common issue in this case. Since I couldn’t replicate the issue with my Windows 10 phone, I’ll chase Microsoft this week to see what they can do to help with this issue.

And just to double check, are you using Pebble Time? Do you have more than one pebble paired?

Thanks again and sorry for any inconvenience



thanks for the message :slight_smile: Yeah, Iam using pebble time (steel) and I have only one pebble paired.


Hi All,

I think I managed to replicate the issue. Looks like you don’t have any music file on your phone. Can you please make sure at least one song is there and try to launch the app again?

I’ll make sure this gets fixed in the next release


Over 2000 songs in my phone :wink:


Hmm, I havent tested this scenario with large number of songs. Anyway, I’ll make sure the next release handles such issue …


me again :wink: After update no crash on start for me BUT app says that I have “No Music Files” :frowning:


Hi matis,

Good to know that. Looks like the songs are not in the music folder. Try to move your files there.

Kind Regards


ok will check that

EDIT: All my music files are in “Music” folder