Windows Phone 8 - Pebble App


I wanted to update this original post for new users that come here.

I have created 2 Pebble apps that run on Windows Phone 8/8.1.

Pebble Watch Lite is a free app and has these features:
- Control the music on your Windows Phone from the Pebble Music App.
- You can select All songs, All songs shuffled, any Playlist or any Genre.
- You can update the time on the Pebble from your phone.
- You can send SAMPLE alerts to the Pebble for things like SMS and Twitter.

Pebble Watch Pro costs $1.99 and has these features:
- All the features of Pebble Watch Lite.
- Control the FM Radio on your phone with up to 6 station pre-sets.
- Easily install Pebble firmware from simple menu selections.
- Easily install Pebble watch faces/apps from simple menu selections.
- Display the current weather on a special selection of Pebble weather watch faces.
- Get Twitter alerts from your home timeline or direct messages (DMs).
- Get Calendar notifications from your phone's calendar with 5,10, 15 or 30 minute reminders.
- Get Battery notifications from your phone's battery when remaining drops to 50%, 40%, 30%, 20% or 10% left.
- Get Network notifications from your phone when you lose or regain access to the data network including Wi-Fi, LTE and 3G.
- Get Weather notifications every 30 minutes for your current location in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Neither of these apps can do the following:
- Run in the background so they have to be the active app for you to get notifications or control music.
- Display alerts for incoming phone calls, SMS (texts) or emails.

I will continue to work to add features and/or develop a new app with the new WP8.1 API. If you have any questions, just post them in this forum or contact me at the email address on I will try to respond as I have time.


Can you indicate that app also supports WXGA? can’t test the app on Lumia 920 which is 1280 × 768…


Microsoft requires a screen shot from an actual phone or the emulator for each supported resolution. The emulator does not support bluetooth and I only have a Nokia 822 and an HTC 8X.

I submittedf the app the first time with 1280x768 screen shot I made by modifying the HTC 8X screenshot. Microsoft disapproved the submission and sent the app back. They accepted it when I resubmitted minus the 1280x768 resolution.

I will see what I can do short of buying a 928 off contract.


I do own a developer unlocked lumia 920, so if you can uplaod the unsigned xap file somewhere (can’t install the one from the marketplace since it is encrypted) I can try installing it using windows phone power tool and send you a screenshot


So will the app work on a Nokia Lumia 920?


Raiyu - Thanks for the offer. Give me a day to see if I can figure this out. This weekend, I just bought a $1900 Windows 8.1 Ultrabook to use for WP8 development. It has the second level addressing processor support required and 8GB of RAM so it can run the emulator. I submitted the app for approval last week when I did not have a system that supported the emulator.

I haven't tried yet to see if there is some way I can run the app without Bluetooth in the emulator. I have been told that it will not work but I haven't tried it yet.. If I can not get it to work, I will probably send you the xap to try to get a screen shot from your phone.

Untouchable - It should work fine on a 920 since it works on the smaller 822. The display is all written in XAML which should correctly format any phone size screen.


Brilliant, I will give it a try later! If you build a full featured version I will be happy to pay £’s to support development!


Can’t install it. Says it is due to screen resolution.


I was able to bring the app up in the WXGA emulator even though it did not function since it could not use Bluetooth or find any songs on the emulator phone. I took a WXGA screen shot and resubmitted the app with the WXGA resolution enabled for the app. Hopefully this will not take too long and users with a WXGA phone like the Lumia 920 will be able to use the app. I will post an update when I hear something back from Microsoft.




Thanks for your work on this project! I plan on using it with a Lumia 1020, I’ll report back once the new resolution approval is in on how it goes, but your work is definitely appreciated! Hopefully the upcoming changes to notifications or accessibility developments in GDR3 can be useful in the long run.


I just checked and it is still waiting for approval.

I am anxious as well because I really want to know if the app is stable for others since it will be the basis of a new app with more features.

I'm 90% of the way there with Twitter. It is working fine for me but checking issues such as:

- Frequency of updates (How often the app will check twitter)

- Detecting loss of the phones network connectivity (Wifi, LTE, etc)

- Should there be an option to ignore retweets

- Is the home timeline enough or is there something else I should check

- Also making sure I comply with Twitters rules as they limit the frequency of connections for individuals and apps.

Once I get the Twitter updates finalized I will be looking for the next priorities since receiving incoming phone calls and sms/texts are not possible for 3rd party apps yet. I have GDR3 on one of my phones and they are not there yet.


Microsoft just approved the update to Pebble Watch Lite. If you have already downloaded the app you should be able to update it. This is the same app with support for WXGA resolution.


Just install it on my Nokia 920, works Great!!

Thank you!!!


Works perfectly on my Lumia 920 as well. Wonderful work Greg, thank you very much! Looking forward to the upgrades!


Since there doesn’t seem to be any hope for RunKeeper on WP8, any possibility of Sports Tracker or Caledos Runner having pebble support?


Have you made the source code public? I’d appreciate the sourcecode (mainly because I am making another Pebble app ^^’)?

Great job though, seems like you did what you could with the WP APIs. :smiley:


Eric R - At this point I am not planning on releasing my spaghetti source code. I am not sure I will unless I give up. I do look forward to your app as I do want WP to eventually be just as viable a platform as IOS and Android.


it’s work on Nokia Lumia 920?

GregBanta said:
Eric R - At this point I am not planning on releasing my spaghetti source code. I am not sure I will unless I give up. I do look forward to your app as I do want WP to eventually be just as viable a platform as IOS and Android.

If you don’t want to give your source code, could you please tell me what endpoint formats you need for the phone call, twitter and facebook messages? Those are the only ones I’m missing.

Thanks though!