Worn-out charger connection? (Pebble Time Round won't charge anymore)


Hi all,

I have more and more trouble getting my Pebble Time Round to charge.

The charger connections on the back seem to be worn out at the spots where the “nipples” of the charger cable touch the watch.

See picture:

Does anybody experience similar problems?
Any suggestions for a quick fix / hack?

Any help appreciated!



Clean the contacts


Clean both contact ends with rubbing alcohol.


New charger?


Hi all,

thanks for the responses. Cleaning the contacts with alcohol didn’t help.

After examining through a microscope (!) I carefully scraped a layer of black …something (sweat?)… off the contacts with a needle. Now they have some “scars”… but it is working again… for now :wink:

Thanks again,



If you have further problems, you might be able to pop a little drop of solder on the contacts to ensure a good connection. Don’t put any on the magnets though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi, I was afraid somebody would suggest this… I can’t soldier anything
to save my life… so I am glad I still managed to get it working … :wink:
However, good to know that this might work too, thanks!


Ya gotta be careful as more often than not you will use too much heat and burn of those little wires inside there…


While the scraping probably did work one of the best things to try first is a pink eraser and just go to town with them. They will do little or no damage to the contacts and the rubber is great at removing thin layers of gunk and corrosion.